Life Expectancy Reports

NRC Medical Experts provide medico-legal life expectancy reports for a range of cases, including following traumatic brain injury, acquired brain injury (e.g. resulting from stroke or cardiac arrest) birth injury, post-natal injury and cases of prolonged disorders of consciousness or coma.

British legal systems now rely on Periodical Payment Orders (PPOs) with agreed sums to be paid for life, no matter how short or long that life may be. However, an estimate of life expectancy continues to be essential in many medico-legal cases. This need arises when the calculation of compensation is required – whether to claim compensation, fund neurorehabilitation or fund lifetime care.

Life expectancy reports take into account five main causes of neurological impairment that significantly impact life expectancy. These are an individual’s mobility, swallowing, epilepsy, continence and cognitive function. The medical expert will consider the severity of each and the impact on their life. Also considered are secondary health conditions and lifestyle factors such as obesity.

Life expectancy estimations are not without debate – read our Study Guide to Life Expectancy for more information.

Client feedback

"My team and I found your training one of the most interesting and useful training sessions we have been on. I feel that not only do I have more confidence in knowing which type of expert should be dealing with the diagnosis and condition/prognosis questions, but it is good to know we could ask you about this."

"Just a quick note to say I am very pleased with the report and to thank you for arranging to see the Claimant and producing the report so efficiently."

"Your report was extremely thorough and comprehensive, a real game changer in this case."

"Your expert prepared a fantastic report on my client; we have been really impressed."

"Always a first class service by the NNRC."

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