Pre Instruction Conversations

At NRC Medical Experts, we know that serious injury cases can be long and complex. Finding the right expert witness to support your case is a crucial part of building a successful case. Due to the complexity of neurological injury, rehabilitation and recovery, solicitors often come to us with questions about the services we can provide, and the nature of the experience required to act in specific cases.

Some complex cases may require the expertise of several experts – from a neurological rehabilitation consultant to a speech and language therapist – in order to provide the thorough exploration required by the courts. Do you need a neuropsychologist or a neuropsychiatrist? A neurologist or a neurorehabilitation expert? Would the expertise of a speech and language specialist make a difference to your case?

As part of our commitment to supporting our clients, we offer no-obligation, complimentary pre-instruction conversations with our leading Experts. These conversations give solicitors the opportunity to discuss clients and cases in confidence, beginning to develop a deeper understanding of the expertise required for a successful outcome.

Client feedback

"My team and I found your training one of the most interesting and useful training sessions we have been on. I feel that not only do I have more confidence in knowing which type of expert should be dealing with the diagnosis and condition/prognosis questions, but it is good to know we could ask you about this."

"Just a quick note to say I am very pleased with the report and to thank you for arranging to see the Claimant and producing the report so efficiently."

"Your report was extremely thorough and comprehensive, a real game changer in this case."

"Your expert prepared a fantastic report on my client; we have been really impressed."

"Always a first class service by the NNRC."

Covid-19 Update

It's business as usual at NRC Medical Experts.

Our offices are closed, however we are working from home with full access to all our systems. The team is available via email – contact us as usual and we'll get back to you as quickly as ever.