A Lake District charity has developed the UK’s first COVID-19 compliant brain injury rehabilitation programme combining traditional clinical therapies with physical activity in the outdoors. The new residential neurorehabilitation centre for people with acquired brain injury is creating the ‘new normal’ with it’s COVID -19 compliant activities which focus on […]
NRC Medical Experts welcomes the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine’s recently published report Rehabilitation in the wake of Covid-19 – A phoenix from the ashes. A high proportion of individuals living with chronic neurological conditions are considered clinically at high risk of Covid-19 complications by the NHS – including people […]
Neuropsychiatry is the overlap between psychiatry, neurology, and medicine, and a subspecialty of psychiatry that deals with the psychological or behavioural problems in people, caused due to neurological conditions. What does an neuropsychiatric expert witness do? Neuropsychiatry expert witnesses specialise in the branch of medicine dealing with integrated neurological and […]
The brain is a developed organ made up of a large number of neurons and supporting cells. The interconnection between the neurons is what makes the brain function. Unlike other cells in the body that can regenerate, there are three types of cells that cannot regenerate. These include hepatocytes in […]
Virtual Reality (VR) has been here for more than a decade now and other than being an entertainment system, they’re proving to be just as nifty for medical and therapeutic purposes. VR is a powerful tool to motivate its participants while providing augmented feedback to instruct the subject and improve […]