Neuro-physiotherapy is a subspecialty of general physiotherapy which deals with issues of movement arising from injury or damage to the nervous system. Neurological rehabilitation can often improve function, reduce symptoms, and improve the overall health of the patient.

Neuro-physiotherapy can improve the muscle stiffness (commonly called spasticity) or spasm, muscle weakness, tremors and abnormal sensation.

This therapeutic intervention can benefit patients living with neurological disorders such as;

These symptoms are addressed within the context of enabling and restoring important functions such as walking, transferring, and performing important activities of daily living like washing, dressing and toileting.

Neuro-physiotherapy also educates individuals about different ways to maintain an appropriate posture and trains in terms of exercises to strengthen the weight-bearing muscles. It is also directed towards identifying and maximising the movement potential of joints or muscles.

Neuro-physiotherapists also assists patients with limb amputation with rehabilitation and adjustment with daily assistant equipment such as wheelchairs and crutches.

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