Clinical neuropsychology is a subfield of psychology where neuropsychologists work, study, address and target the overlaps and relationships between the brain and function of thought processes. Clinical neuropsychologists play a significant role in psychological evaluation, consultation, and forensic testimony.

Clinical psychology is a specialty that provides care for individuals suffering from mental health conditions. Psychologists work with individuals facing difficulties with anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, bipolar disorder, dementia, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other forms of psychoses.

They are concerned with the mechanics of the brain in relation to human behaviour, reasoning and conduct. In particular, neuropsychologists identify and evaluate the impairments of thinking (cognition), understanding, planning, attention, memory, intellect and behaviour correlating the findings with the respective part of the brain that is expected to be involved.

Using a diagnostic approach, psychologists assess and pinpoint the needs of the clients through interviews, tests and observations and then plan treatment and rehabilitation for the identified brain-behaviour dysfunction.

Clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists work hand in hand within the multidisciplinary team (MDT) to ensure a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the psychological problems faced by a person who presents with psychological or neurological symptoms. A thorough understanding and insight of the illness are required to successfully advocate a patient’s condition for legal purposes.

Instruct a clinical neuropsychologist

At NRC Medical Experts, we understand the significant psychological impacts of injury and illness. Our highly experienced Clinical Psychologists can provide exert assessments which including neurorehabilitation potential and recommendations. Specifically, our medico-legal services include producing high-quality court reports and expert testimonies in cases concerning psychological and cognitive issues and injuries.

Through NRC Clinical Practice, our specialist rehabilitation consultants ensure individuals living with the impact of neurological disabilities receive the support of a neuropsychologist where required.

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