About us


The NNRC believes that everyone who suffers a brain or spinal injury or neurological condition should benefit from expert neurorehabilitation. Our mission is to ensure that solicitors have hassle-free access to medico-legal reporting and expert witness testimony, as soon as possible, so the fight for the right rehabilitation pathway can begin.

The NNRC’s medical expert witnesses want the best for patients – and that starts with providing high-quality medico-legal reports, setting out the right neurorehabilitation requirements for your client.

When we receive your instruction, we’ll provide a range of suitable experts to take on the work. Our expert witness will visit your client in the comfort of their own home and provide a high-quality report – we take care of everything.

The NNRC is trusted by hundreds of solicitors to provide specialist medico-legal court reports and expert witness testimony. We’re the experts, so when you choose us, you’re also choosing the best customer experience in the business - hassle-free every step of the way.

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Meet Our Team

The Chambers is led by Managing Partners Professor Mike Barnes and Dr. Edmund Bonikowski. The Partners supervise the members of chambers to ensure their reports adhere to solicitors’ instructions and meet the requirements of the Court.

Development Manager Frances Bonikowski is responsible for solicitor and member relations and internal systems. Administration Manager Kate McMullen is responsible for coordinating the efficient flow of cases through the service.

Professor Mike Barnes

Mike is a very experienced neurological rehabilitation expert - certainly one of the most experienced in the UK having done over 3000 reports throughout the UK and abroad. He has appeared in Court over 70 times. He is a trained neurologist and rehabilitation physician. He has been at the highest level of rehabilitation for many years. He is Past President of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine and Founding President of the World Federation of Neurological Rehabilitation. He is currently chair of both the United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF) and the Independent Neurorehabilitation Providers Alliance (INPA). His expertise is in the field of traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions such as spinal injury and cerebral palsy. He is specifically interested in life expectancy. Mike provides training and mentoring to the members of chambers.

Have a look at Mike's video where he talks about how neurorehabilitation aids recovery following a neurological condition or brain injury https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNyxHBiAuHs

This video was prepared by Mike on behalf of Christchurch Group https://www.christchurchgroup.co.uk/

Dr Edmund Bonikowski

Edmund has been a consultant in rehabilitation medicine for over 20 years and has held acute and community based NHS posts in neurological and amputee rehabilitation. Currently he is the consultant at the Somerset Neurological Rehabilitation Centre and is leading the expansion of NHS neurological rehabilitation services in Somerset. He has been a consultant to several independent inpatient providers including The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability. He founded and led the independent rehabilitation and case management provider Kynixa between 2001 and 2010 which delivered comprehensive clinical and vocational rehabilitation programmes to approximately 1200 people severely injured in accidents. In April 2014 he started accepting medico-legal referrals and now completes around 30 reports per annum on people with brain, spinal cord and brachial plexus injuries arising from accidents and clinical negligence.


"My team and I found your training one of the most interesting and useful training sessions we have been on. I feel that not only do I have more confidence in knowing which type of expert should be dealing with the diagnosis and condition/prognosis questions, but it is good to know we could ask you about this."

"Just a quick note to say I am very pleased with the report and to thank you for arranging to see the Claimant and producing the report so efficiently."

"Your report was extremely thorough and comprehensive, a real game changer in this case."