Our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine bring leadership and continuity to the rehabilitation and recovery journey of those patients most in need, resulting in the best possible outcomes.

Going beyond providing reports and testimony for the Courts, our Specialist Consultants can also provide clinical input and leadership to the multi-disciplinary team of therapists and health care professionals, the legal team and case managers. They can support patients along the whole of their rehabilitation journey, both before a settlement is agreed upon and after the conclusion of their legal case.

Starting with the formulation of a Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription, the Consultant goes on to ensure the necessary clinical and other disciplines are engaged in each case (e.g. doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers, case managers and carers). They are well-placed to access the right professionals in the NHS or private sector. They can refer individuals directly to the other consultant-led medical disciplines where required (e.g. orthopaedics, psychiatry/neuropsychiatry, psychology/ neuropsychology, pain management and urology).

Their leadership ensures your client is not held back by delays and service gaps in NHS provision but quickly finds their way to the right private resources to compliment what the NHS is able to offer.

Working closely with Case Managers, GPs and Solicitors, NRC Consultants bring every expert, service and approach together to ensure an individual’s clinical needs are met. They assemble the right team to deliver the joined-up care and therapeutic interventions needed and provide legal teams with regular, accurate reviews and updates. This is particularly important during the critical early months and years of recovery.

Neurorehabilitation is a team effort, and it has long been known that early access to rehabilitation results in better outcomes for individuals challenged by complex life-changing injuries. Our specialists understand their role in helping to plan a new life an individual never expected, with an empathetic, holistic approach.

For solicitors, GPs, Case Managers and Patients, NRC Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine give you peace of mind that the potential for recovery is being maximised and patients have the very best opportunity to regain a fulfilling life.


Better outcomes with the Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription


NRC Clinical Practice gives solicitors to the best quality, expert-led rehabilitation for their client.

Case Managers

Supportive and empowering support, allowing better management of complex cases.


GPs have the option to refer patients with serious neurological conditions to one of our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine.

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Clinical practice that works

“The medical complications of brain injury benefit from ongoing clinical monitoring by a rehabilitation medicine consultant.

The clinical practice I carry out cuts the risk of inappropriate referral or delay to ongoing rehabilitation when a person is discharged from hospital. It provides continuity of care and a personal approach that really benefits the patient.”

Dr Colin Pinder, NRC Clinical Practice

It has been a pleasure to work with NRC Medical Experts as they have been able to find highly skilled specialists to work with even when tight deadlines are in place. They provide a great wealth of resource and expertise, and this has been making all the difference to the health and wellbeing of clients.

Francesca Bingley, Case Manager, AJ Case Management