NRC Medical Expert Witnesses provide an extensive range of medico-legal reports, services and support for solicitors, barristers and legal teams.

Our Expert Witness Reports provide the detailed assessments and prognosis needed to ensure the settlement of a legal case, giving the courts professional insight of an individual’s presentation, recovery potential and rehabilitation requirements – allowing solicitors and insurers to meet their obligations under the rehabilitation code.

We give claimant and defendant solicitors peace of mind that with the right expertise, you’ll get the right result for your client. Our expert witness reports are of exceptional quality, with clear and straightforward language required for the courts.

Our medical experts are open to dialogue about their opinion in the context of claims and can express themselves clearly and concisely in writing and in person as proceedings evolve.

To ensure consistency and quality, every report is independently checked and verified by our team of senior experts.

Causation Reports

Understanding how an injury or illness was sustained and the impact of actions taken

Condition / Prognosis Reports

Providing the courts with an expert view of an individual’s presentation.

Life Expectancy Reports

Providing life expectancy reports for a range of cases

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Taking into account an individual’s functional ability – such as their mobility, speech and understanding – our medical experts will gain an understanding of people’s cognitive ability, mental health, coping abilities and any adaptations that have been required for them to live comfortably.

Our experts will visit clients in their own homes, where possible, to carry out a detailed assessment of an individual’s presentation and symptoms.

Such assessments may be carried out remotely where required, and our experts are set up to carry out virtual clinical assessments and desktop reports where appropriate. Particularly as the medico-legal sector responds to the limitations of COVID-19 precautions, virtual consultations can keep cases progressing and may be followed up with a face-to-face appointment when possible.

Attendance at court

NRC Medical Experts have experience of attending courts to provide expert witness testimony. In addition, our comprehensive training programme ensures every expert is a skilled and confident public speaker. Our medical experts are also happy to attend required legal conferences – remotely and in-person, prior to any court attendance.

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Kate McMullen manages our Head Office operations and has over 30 years’ experience in managing neurorehabilitation medico-legal cases. Kate coordinates instructions, appointments, reports and communication between solicitors and experts to ensure a timely and high-quality service.

You want the best for your client, so choose a medico-legal report from the experts in neurorehabilitation. Choose NRC Medical Experts.

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