NRC Medical Expert Witnesses are regularly instructed to provide an extensive range of medico-legal reports, services and support for solicitors, barristers and legal teams.

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Our medico legal reports and expert evidence provide the detailed assessments and prognosis needed to ensure the settlement of a legal case, giving the courts professional insight of an individual’s presentation, recovery potential and rehabilitation requirements – allowing solicitors and insurers to meet their obligations under the rehabilitation code.

We give claimant and defendant solicitors peace of mind that with the right expertise, you’ll get the right result for your client. Our expert reports are of exceptional quality, with clear and straightforward language required for court.

Our medical experts are open to dialogue about their opinion in the context of claims and can express themselves clearly and concisely in writing and in person as proceedings evolve.

To ensure consistency and quality, every expert witness report is independently checked and verified by our team of senior experts.

Causation Reports

Understanding how an injury or illness was sustained and the impact of actions taken

Condition & Prognosis Reports

Providing the courts with an expert view of an individual’s presentation

Life Expectancy Reports

Providing life expectancy expert evidence for a range of cases

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With 40+ highly experienced members in our medical expert witness directory, get easy access to the right expert evidence for your legal proceedings. We support instructing solicitors and lawyers to find the right expert witnesses for personal injury, catastrophic injury and clinical negligence cases.

Every Expert Witness on our directory is an experienced medical expert with specialist interests in the brain, spine, and the nerves that connect them – from acquired and traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, stroke, complex neurodisabilities to musculoskeletal injuries, amputation and brachial plexus injury. Many expert witnesses carry out medico legal work alongside their thriving medical practice. When acting as an expert, every expert witness adheres to the Civil Procedure Rules for litigation in England and Wales, and every member benefits from expert witness training, guidance, and peer support from our founding experts.

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Browse NRC’s qualified and experienced medico legal experts who can act in cases of serious injury, neurological disability, brain and spinal injuries and more. Search for an expert witness with consultant directory to find the right doctor or specialist for your case.

NRC Medico Legal Services 

How is a medico-legal assessment carried out?

Taking into account an individual’s functional ability – such as their mobility, speech and understanding – experts will gain an understanding of people’s cognitive ability, mental health, coping abilities and any adaptations that have been required for them to live comfortably.

Our experts will visit clients in their homes to carry out a detailed assessment of an individual’s presentation, symptoms, prognosis and where appropriate, mental capacity. Such assessments may be carried out remotely where required, and our experts are set up to carry out virtual clinical assessments and desktop reports where appropriate. Report writing follows the assessment. 

How is a medical expert report developed?

Medico legal reporting begins with an introduction to outline the purpose and scope of the report, as well as providing any background information. The consultant or specialist will review all evidence that has been presented, including medical records, previous assessments and reports from medical colleagues.

Following this they will carry out an assessment before providing their opinion on the individual through written evidence. All relevant matters, summary and conclusion will be included as part of report writing to validate the opinions drawn by the expert and explain why they believe it to be valid.

Can your experts attend court and legal conferences?

 NRC Medical Experts has experience of attending court, giving evidence, undergoing cross examination and presenting expert testimony. Our training programme ensures every medical expert is a skilled and confident public speaker. Our experts are also happy to attend legal conferences, remotely and in-person, prior to any court attendance.

Are the Head Office team medico legal work experts?

Our team has decades of combined experience in managing medico legal work, all aspects of expert witness work and responding to legal issues. The team coordinate our doctors and specialists, involved in instructions, arranging appointments, proof-reading medico legal reports and facilitating communication between solicitors and experts to ensure a timely and high-quality service.

Working differently from traditional agencies, NRC Medical Experts is a close knit team of subject matter experts, with a deep knowledge of neurorehabilitation and recovery. Understanding the legal framework, the team provide expert assistance to select the relevant doctors or specialists with the right qualifications and experience for your case. 

You can also request sample reports from our team prior to instruction.

Can you provide an expert witness for a medical negligence case?

Expert witnesses in a clinical negligence case can provide written evidence and testimony which assists in building a strong case against those responsible for causing harm through their negligence.

Can you provide an expert witness for a personal injury case?

Personal injuries can range from physical injuries such as broken bones and head injuries to psychological injuries such as depression and anxiety. Expert witness reports can provide insight into the extent of the personal injury, the impact on an individual’s life, the prognosis or recovery plan required.

Can you provide an expert witness for a severe or catastrophic injury case?

Our medical experts have extensive experience in dealing with severe and catastrophic injury cases. We provide expert reports on a wide range of injuries, including brain and spinal cord, amputations and complex musculoskeletal injuries.

Our detailed medico legal reporting service will assist the court in understanding an individual’s prognosis and recovery plan.

Can you provide assistance in legally aided cases?

We do not provide assistance in legally aided cases. However NRC Medical Experts does offer a deferred payment scheme for some solicitors by arrangement.

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At NRC Medical Experts, we are focused on providing a quality medico legal assessment service that gives claimant and defendant solicitors peace of mind for their clients.

To instruct a medical expert witness report for your case, request a call back to discuss an instruction or get in touch directly below.


“The service provided by NRC is excellent from initial approach to final report. The administration staff are always happy to assist and very responsive. The knowledge and breadth of expertise is very extensive. I would happily recommend the services of NRC.”

Tim Kirfield​, Associate, Moore Barlow LLP

“Just a quick note to say I am very pleased with the report. Thank you for arranging to see the claimant and preparing the report so quickly.”

Solicitor, London

“I  have used NRC for many years and have always been impressed with the knowledge and skill of the variety of Neurorehabilitation and other medical experts whom work with them. The administration at NRC is second to none and ensures the quality of reports is always at a high standard.”

Paul Brown, Partner, Burnetts Solicitors LLP

“Your expert prepared a fantastic report on my client, we have been extremely impressed.”

Solicitor, Yorkshire

“Always a first-class service by NRC Medical Experts.”

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“Your report was extremely thorough and comprehensive, a real game-changer in this case.”

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