To mark Stroke Awareness Month, we explore the life-altering impact of stroke, the critical importance of timely intervention and neurorehabilitation and the role medico-legal experts play. Strokes are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide, affecting 1.3 million people in the UK alone. Stroke Awareness Month is an annual […]
The much-anticipated judgement in Hadley v Przybylo on the recoverability of solicitors’ costs in catastrophic injury claims has been hailed as a major development for personal injury law. The judgement related to whether costs incurred by solicitors for attending MDT meetings and liaising with case managers and other health and […]
Acting as an expert witness for medico-legal cases is both challenging and crucial. It requires not only specialist knowledge and expertise in medical practices but also the ability to communicate effectively in legal settings. To support the continuous development of NRC Medical Experts and to provide neurorehabilitation professionals new to […]
In a time where artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries, healthcare, and particularly neurorehabilitation, stands on the brink of a revolution. It is against this backdrop that we eagerly anticipate Irwin Mitchell’s upcoming webinar with one of the leading voices in neurorehabilitation, NRC Founder Dr. Edmund Bonikowski. On Wednesday, 17 […]
Researchers may have found a way to reverse memory loss in athletes who have experienced repetitive head injuries. A new study, by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center in collaboration with Trinity College, Dublin highlights the fact that memory loss attributed to head injury is not a permanent pathological event […]
The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) have raised concern over plans by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to increase fees at over 200 courts throughout the UK. The MoJ announced proposals to aise court fees in November 2023 to shift a greater financial burden onto users of the court […]
NRC Medical Experts is pleased to welcome Michelle Kudhail to our team as Clinical Liaison Specialist in a new role designed to empower and support our stakeholders to navigate expert witness appointments with greater confidence. Michelle’s background as a neurological physiotherapist and expert witness in cases involving acquired brain injury, […]
Medico-legal cases refer to those which involve both legal and medical aspects and often involve a collaboration between medical and legal professionals to ensure a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the medical aspects of the case. Some common examples of these types of cases include: medical malpractice, personal injury, capacity […]
For experienced clinicians with a wealth of expertise in their field, becoming an Medical Expert Witness can open up a range of new opportunities. Not only does this career path offer the chance for significant professional development, as well as a new personal challenge, but by sharing your expertise with the […]
In October 2023, NRC Medical Experts hosted an online webinar for clinical colleagues, solicitors, case managers, and associated professionals interested in understanding more about Mental Capacity in the context of Sexual Relations & Social Media. Below, you will find links to watch and listen again, and download a transcript and […]