The Stroke Association has warned individuals must not delay in seeking medical attention for stroke due to fears around rising COVID-19 rates.  Following a significant drop in stroke admissions during the first pandemic in 2020, concerns are now rising that a similar situation could occur throughout the newest phase of […]
Spinal cord injuries are devastating, but new research using biomaterials could help spinal injury patients recover some of their lost motor skills and functionality. A $24 million research investment from Canada’s New Frontiers in Research Fund has given a team of researchers at The University of British Colombia the opportunity […]
All over the world, scooters that run on electricity are becoming increasingly popular. While they’re often marketed as fun and convenient ways to get around, their increased adoption is resulting in a rise in the number of injuries and deaths related to riding and falling off these scooters, especially since […]
Instead of sending our stakeholders a Christmas card, this year we’ve made a £200 donation to the UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum, known as UKABIF. UKABIF is a membership organisation that believes that by bringing together all parties with an interest in acquired brain injury, the sector has a stronger […]
When your friend or loved one is unwell with flu or has suffered a broken bone, it’s usually easy to know exactly how you can help. Their GP can also confirm how long they should remain on bed rest or how long their injury will take to heal. However, when […]
Is neurorehabilitation facing its biggest challenge yet? How can we support the sector to help patients in new ways? On 8 December 2021, speakers from across the neurorehabilitation sector explored this topic in a panel discussion with attendee Q&A. The panel discussed the sector in detail, contextualising the challenges facing […]
As leading neurorehabilitation expert witnesses, NRC Medical Experts see first-hand the demand for independent medical expert witnesses across the UK. So why is there such a demand? Rehabilitation doctors, solicitors and case managers are faced with complex and highly specialised cases, which often require an independent medical expert to make […]
On Friday 3 December, the Government committed to producing a strategy to deliver increased support to those living with an acquired brain injury (ABI). This follows on from the efforts of MP Chris Bryant and leading charities, encouraging the Government to force them into action.   The strategy will be drafted […]
Is neurorehabilitation facing its biggest challenge yet? How can we support the sector to help patients in new ways? The brain injury rehabilitation sector has made huge strides over the years, innovating and developing to better meet the needs of people living with life-changing injuries. With these enormous changes in […]
Within the UK, a stroke occurs every five minutes. Unfortunately, not everyone who suffers from stroke survives; as many as 35,000 people are killed each year. A new ‘breakthrough’ scanning technique has the potential to provide stroke victims with life-saving care. Testing technique Radiologists have tested imaging techniques to determine […]