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Whether you’re an experienced medico-legal expert or you’re entering the sector for the first time, we provide comprehensive medical expert witness training, mentoring and full administrative support every step of the way.

Experienced clinicians often consider working as expert witnesses as they become established in their careers, usually after gaining around ten years of experience. With medico-legal work typically carried out by consultants in addition to NHS clinics and private practice, working as a medical expert witness allows doctors and specialist therapists to expand their knowledge and experience in their field.

Medical expert witnesses work with leading solicitors, barristers and legal teams, providing client reports, services and testimony for claimant and defendant cases. You will consider an individual’s presentation, rehabilitation potential, and the impact of the injury on their life and future.

At NRC Medical Experts, we’re dedicated to mentoring and supporting the next generation of expert witnesses within neurological rehabilitation – covering brain and spinal injury, stroke, and neurodisability. An experienced expert witness will support you to become a medical expert.

Whether you’re an experienced medico-legal expert or entering the sector for the first time, we provide comprehensive expert witness training, continuous professional development, mentoring, and complete administrative support. 

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“There is a huge amount of knowledge to be gained and shared from medico-legal cases – as doctors, we learn when we do this work, and I feel it makes me a better doctor. Supporting medico-legal clients gives me an enormous range of professional knowledge about how different people can be impacted over the long term by even minor neurological injuries.”

Dr Ganesh Bavikatte, Consultant and Clinical Lead in Neurorehabilitation medicine, NRC Medical Experts

Benefits for NRC’s Expert Witnesses

  • Competitive fees & flexible working

Our excellent terms of service ensure you’ll receive payment within 30 days of us receiving your report. You’re free to work flexibly, taking on instructions and cases to suit your existing commitments and schedule.

  • Continuous professional development

Neurorehabilitation is a small professional field with few opportunities for continuous professional development, making ongoing learning a challenge.

Members of NRC Medical Experts are supported in their ongoing professional development with access to at least two new CPD sessions each year. With topics and content developed in collaboration with members, the educational sessions are delivered online and in person, with previous sessions available to access online

  • Peer support and collaboration

Mentoring is available for any new expert who feels they would benefit from a second opinion or additional support with specific requirements of Expert Witness work or our Clinical Practice. Our annual meetings provide an excellent opportunity for networking among your peers.

  • Full administrative support

Our medical experts receive excellent administrative and telephone support from highly experienced staff, with easy access to patient information and case notes via our secure online portal. 

Our team provide full support from instruction to report completion, which includes professional typing, proofreading and editing services.

  • Marketing your services

NRC Medical Experts works with hundreds of legal firms across the UK. We will market your services and bring work directly to you, so you can get on with sharing your expertise with the Courts.

Become an expert witness 

Could you change someone’s life by sharing your expertise with the Courts?

We welcome experienced Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine, neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, neurologists and neurotherapists specialising in neurorehabilitation.

NRC Medical Experts provides an excellent starting point for doctors and specialist therapists looking to begin their journey into medico-legal work. Our supportive environment and comprehensive resources can help you transition smoothly into this new and rewarding career path. We welcome professionals from various backgrounds with specialized knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

The ability to provide valuable insights into neurological rehabilitation and patient care makes these specialists indispensable in the medico-legal landscape. As part of NRC Medical Experts, professionals from diverse backgrounds collaborate to offer comprehensive and well-rounded expert opinions.

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