NRC Medical Experts come together with one common goal – excellence in neurorehabilitation.

Supporting solicitors, legal teams, case managers, GPs, patients and families, we specialise providing expert support for serious neurological injuries and rehabilitation. 

Leading expert Dr Edmund Bonikowski and Chair of Clinical Governance, Professor Mike Barnes, established NRC Medical Experts in 2015 to provide solicitors, barristers, and the courts with the best expertise in this specialist medical and therapeutic rehabilitation sector. 

NRC Medical Experts is made up of experienced rehabilitation experts who assess clients, provide court reports and act as expert witnesses in a range of neurological rehabilitation specialisms for the courts. Dedicated to supporting the next generation of experts, legal teams can trust our consistent and reliable approach.

Through NRC Clinical Practice, our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine go beyond this by providing senior clinical input to lead a multi-disciplinary team of therapists and health care professionals, the legal team and case managers, individuals are better supported along their rehabilitation journey.

Every serious injury case is unique in the physical, neurological and psychological impacts on the individual and family at its centre. Although a long and often complex process, at NRC Medical Experts, we support you to find the right expertise across a range of specialisms. We join the dots across the medico-legal sector to help you build a successful case for the courts.

Hundreds of solicitors trust NRC Medical Experts to provide specialist medico-legal court reports and expert witness testimony. We’re the experts, so when you choose us, you’re also choosing the best customer experience in the business.

Our specialists and head office team understand that building a legal case is a team effort – so we are committed to being a trusted member of your team every step of the way.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is that every individual with a neurological injury has can access transformative neurorehabilitation in a world where the importance of this life-changing service is universally recognised.

Committed to driving the sector’s growth and elevating its profile, we dedicate ourselves to mentoring and developing the next generation of neurorehabilitation clinicians working within the medico-legal sector.

Distinct in our neurorehabilitation focus and led by experts in the field, NRC Medical Experts innovatively links unparalleled medico-legal services with improved access to rehabilitation, profoundly influencing patient recovery and quality of life.


We are defined by our commitment to professionalism across every aspect of our work. Our team is not just highly experienced but also deeply dedicated to delivering services with timely precision, efficiency, and expert knowledge.

Trusted by legal teams, medical colleagues, and the Courts, we ensure that every task we undertake is executed with the highest level of professionalism. Our responsive approach ensures that we meet the unique needs of each stakeholder, every time.


We select our Experts for their unparalleled expertise in and dedication to neurorehabilitation.

Committed to continually developing their experience and knowledge, each Expert stands as an outstanding witness in their field.

Through Clinical Practice, a select group offer leadership and guidance to multi-disciplinary teams, ensuring the delivery of life-changing rehabilitation.


We’re people first – kindness and compassion are at the heart of NRC Medical Experts.

We understand the challenges faced by individuals, case managers, and legal teams, so we always go out of our way to listen, support, and meet the needs of our stakeholders


Our commitment to impartiality underpins every interaction and assessment. Recognised for our independent and unbiased approach, we ensure that every client receives an equitable and balanced service.

Our dedication to impartiality is not just a principle; it’s a practice embedded in our work, ensuring integrity in the legal and medical processes.

Dr Edmund Bonikowski, Director, NRC Medical Experts

“At NRC Medical Experts, we go beyond providing our clients with a list of expert names – we find the right expert with the right expertise. For me, it’s about giving solicitors and legal teams peace of mind that they are in safe hands with us.

More than anything, we care about the service we provide, so from meticulous record-keeping to articulate and informed reports, solicitors and the courts can trust us to provide quality expertise.”