NRC Clinical Practice gives Case Managers the opportunity to deliver the best possible rehabilitation and future to their clients.

Research proves a multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation leads to the best outcomes. When you’re supporting a client with life-changing injuries, a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine is often the missing player in your team.

Our specialist Consultants become part of the team. They begin with a thorough assessment of the patient and the preparation of a Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription. This provides a framework for the multi-disciplinary team.

They continue by providing ongoing clinical supervision, regular reviews and support to the multi-disciplinary team by answering their questions, making suggestions about future needs and ultimately facilitating better outcomes for patients. In serious neurological injury and illness, timely and appropriate access to a Rehabilitation Consultant can make all the difference.

Best qualified to assess the implications of the patient’s physical, cognitive, and psychosocial needs, the specialist Consultants will review the impact of changes in the patient’s health and condition, medication, comorbidities and goals, and the consequent need for changes to the Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription.

Clinical Practice explained

NRC specialist Consultants and Case Managers develop a supportive and empowering relationship, allowin g better management of complex rehabilitation cases and giving the individual the best chance for a successful recovery.

A team effort

Boost your multi-disciplinary approach and support patients with ever more complex needs by having a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine as part of your team, working with you to achieve the best possible outcome for patients.

Timely access to expert opinion

Having a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine on your team cuts out the risk of inappropriate referral and delays to rehabilitation – with fast and easy access to the Consultant and timely, high quality specialist clinical care.

Continuity of expert clinical input

From providing a specialist prescription and leadership to case managers and assembling the right multi-disciplinary teams to guidance for GPs, NRC Consultants are the experts you need to lead your client’s rehabilitation and recovery journey.

Better outcomes with The Rehabilitation Prescription

Our expert Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine develop a Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription for every client, providing direction across every aspect of their recovery pathway. They are your client’s passport to the best possible long-term outcome

Have a Specialist Consultant on your team

To appoint a rehabilitation consultant to work as part of your team, request a call back or contact us directly.

Dr Anwar provided sound clinical advice to the Case Manager, and prompt practical assistance when this was most required to sort out important medication issues. He proved an invaluable resource for medical management and to the wider MDT.

To have a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine available on a private basis who is easily accessible for clinical advice and guidance, as well as to make referrals is invaluable. This means that the client’s clinical care and rehabilitation can be coordinated locally, and appropriate referrals made as they are needed at the time.

Caroline Wilkinson, Senior Case Manager, Anglia Case Management

“There is a growing and robust body of evidence that outcomes greatly benefit from comprehensive, goal-directed Neurorehabilitation. It is often only following the introduction of a multi-disciplinary specialist-led rehab program that patients can make the most of their recovery following life-saving early interventions.”

Dr Julian Harriss, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor, NRC Medical Experts