NRC Clinical Practice reassures patients and their families the best is being done for them whilst reducing the time it takes professionals to deliver their contributions.

Usually, our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine work with a single point of patient contact, such as a case manager or practice nurse.

This contact develops a deeper understanding of the patient and their carers, responding quickly and effectively to often relatively minor but time-consuming and recurring problems. They help the carers and family learn to cope and manage more of the incidents that arise, reducing the workload and disruption to the normal functioning of a GP practice.

GPs can refer patients with serious neurological conditions to one of our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine. Solicitors and legal teams supporting clients throughout the legal process may also instruct NRC’s Consultants, who will work with the patient’s GP as part of the multi-disciplinary team.

Every case is different and evolves over time, and the Consultant’s involvement will likely decrease as the individual reaches their goals and rehabilitation steps down to active, long-term maintenance or disability management. At this point, they will remain on hand to follow-up as required, managing any complications as they arise.

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