Following a serious injury, clients and their families come to you – expert solicitors – in a search for just compensation and hope for the future.

Your clients also need expert medical opinion and clinical expertise to direct their rehabilitation programme to ensure they achieve the best possible recovery.

NRC Clinical Practice gives solicitors the confidence to know they are accessing the best quality, expert-led rehabilitation for their clients and fulfilling their duty under the Rehabilitation Code. Working with our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine before clients are discharged from hospital or leave residential rehabilitation, solicitors can avoid delays in service provision often experienced as patients transition during this critical recovery period.

NRC helps you instruct the right Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine to meet the needs of your client. We understand the complex issues which arise in serious neurological injury cases and how best to address the patient’s unique needs. Our Specialist Rehabilitation Prescriptions provide a roadmap for the therapeutic and medical input and resources needed in each individual case.

Clinical Practice explained

NRC Clinical Practice assures solicitors that they’re getting access to the best quality, expert-led rehabilitation for their clients.

How it works

Our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine carry out an expert clinical assessment and develop a rehabilitation approach, giving your client the best possible chance for a successful recovery.

Timely access to the right therapies

No matter where your client is located, our network of highly experienced Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine will take responsibility for the rehabilitation and recovery programme, ensuring joined-up multi-disciplinary service provision and reablement are at its heart.

Better outcomes with The Rehabilitation Prescription

Our expert Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine develop a Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription for every client, providing direction across every aspect of their recovery pathway. They are your client’s passport to the best possible long-term outcome.

Appoint a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

To instruct us or learn more about appointing a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine for your case, request a call back or contact us directly by completing the form below. A member of the team will be in touch soon.

“The medical complications of brain injury benefit from ongoing clinical monitoring by a rehabilitation medicine consultant.

Supporting a patient throughout the case and post-settlement gives individuals the benefit of this ongoing continuity of care.”

Dr Colin Pinder, NRC Clinical Practice

I regularly instruct experts through NRC. They have a wide number of experts relevant to the work I undertake. They are able to provide recommendations and timescales for a number of experts in the relevant field. Their service is efficient, friendly and helpful.

Lisa Gunner, Regional Personal Injury Manager, Thompsons Solictors