Dr Koko Naing

Dr Koko Naing MBBS, MRCP, MSc

Consultant in Neurological Rehabilitation, Neuropsychiatry

Medico-Legal Experience

Dr. Koko Naing’s medico-legal expertise includes providing comprehensive opinions on short and long-term outcomes, patients’ functional recovery, life expectancy, prognosis, and necessary care and support.

Dr Naing’s medico-legal experience, spanning over 18 years, is particularly strong in neurorehabilitation and neuropsychiatry, where his reports are known for their thoroughness and holistic approach to brain injury patients.

Dr. Naing’s proficiency in the medico-legal field is further evidenced by his extensive training, including courtroom skills and expert report writing. His work in specialised areas such as Statutory Wills, Family Law, and Neurotrauma Litigation has significantly enhanced his capabilities as a medical legal professional.

Clinical Experience

Dr. Naing has extensive expertise in neuropsychiatry and neurological rehabilitation, specialising in brain and spinal cord injuries. Since 1997, he has focused on treating brain injury patients, integrating his knowledge in neuropsychiatry with a keen emphasis on patient functional recovery and prognosis.

In 2008, he established a Neuropsychiatry Service at Glenside Hospital for brain-injured patients exhibiting challenging behaviours. Dr. Naing’s experience includes six years at the National Centre for Brain Injury at St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton, UK, and three years in forensic psychiatry, where he garnered significant experience in the legal aspects of mental illness.

His expertise is furthered in treating patients with brain injury and substance misuse issues, augmenting his role as a Consultant in Brain Injury and Neurological Rehabilitation.

He initiated four main working party groups at Glenside Hospital catering to diverse patient needs, including those with tracheostomies and ventilators, spasticity management, cognitive and cognitive-communication rehabilitation, and patients in a low awareness state.

Dr. Naing has held roles as a Consultant in Brain Injury and Neurorehabilitation in Leeds and as a Consultant in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in London.

Special Interests

Dr. Naing’s expertise encompasses a wide range of complex neurological conditions, including traumatic, hypoxic, and metabolic brain injuries, stroke, brain haemorrhages, encephalitis, and locked-in syndrome.

His work is particularly notable in dealing with complex brain injuries that present a range of medical, physical, psychological, neurocognitive, and social challenges.

Dr. Naing is skilled in addressing mild brain injuries associated with post-concussion syndrome or post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as in handling cases that involve a combination of brain and whiplash injuries.

Memberships of Professional Bodies

  • Member of General Medical Council: Full 4241944
  • MDDUS Membership no: M176510
  • Member of Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
  • Member of Royal College of Physicians of London
  • Member of British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Member of British Neuropsychiatric Association
  • Member of British Medical Association
  • Member of Society for Research in Rehabilitation, UK

Further information

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