Dr Pamela Crawford

Dr Pamela Crawford MB.ChB. MD FRCP

Consultant Neurologist

Medico-Legal Experience

Dr Pamela Crawford is a Consultant Neurologist specialising in neurodisabilities, complex head injuries, seizure disorders and epilepsy.

Dr Crawford will see both adults and children over 12, though will prepare reports about younger clients regarding their prognosis in respect of epilepsy and neurological problems when they reach adulthood.

With regard to medical negligence claims, Dr Crawford will prepare reports only where the negligence is related to a client’s seizure disorder or its medication or a head injury. Dr Crawford has been asked to give expert reports for the Medical Defence Societies, Coroners and the Ombudsman, has appeared in court as an expert witness on five occasions and is regularly asked to act as an expert witness in trials involving seizure disorders.

Clinical Experience

During her tenure at York Hospital, in the role of Consultant Neurologist specialising in epilepsy from 1990 to 2015, Dr. Crawford transformed neurological services including the establishment and management of a Specialist Epilepsy Centre. Her expertise extended beyond epilepsy care; she was instrumental in setting up a pioneering Neurology/Learning Disability clinic. This clinic, which she conducted in collaboration with Learning Disability colleagues every six weeks, focused on behaviour problems and epilepsy in individuals with learning disabilities, earning recognition in government reports for its ‘gold standard service.’

In her capacity at York Hospital, Dr. Crawford played a crucial role in the management of patients with acute severe head injuries. These patients, often transferred back from a neurosurgical centre or admitted directly to the hospital, were under her care due to the absence of a specialised rehabilitation service in York. She was deeply involved in their rehabilitation, overseeing their care until they were stable enough for transfer to long-term rehabilitation units.

Dr. Crawford supported patients with acute brain injury from various causes, including hypoxia, further highlighting her comprehensive skills and dedication to patient care in the field of neurology.


Special Interests

  • Epilepsy
  • Brain injuries
  • Complex neurological disabilities

Further information

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