Common in cases of clinical negligence, causation reports take into account how an injury or illness was sustained and the impact of the actions taken, as well as the nature and extent of the injury, loss or damage sustained by the individual.

Courts and judges are keen to understand what a claimant has experienced as a result of an accident or clinical negligence. The medical report aims to distinguish between the injuries and consequences which have been caused by the incident and which have not.

A causation report might include an exploration of the care or interventions an individual should have received for the best outcome, what led up to the event and what should have prevented this from occurring. It will also include a detailed overview of an individual’s current presentation.

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Appoint a medical expert witness specialising in neurological injuries

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Life Expectancy Reports

Life expectancy reports review the   five main causes of neurological impairment that significantly impact life expectancy.

Condition & Prognosis Reports

Condition and prognosis reports provide the courts with an expert view of an individual. taking into account the impact of a neurological injury.