NRC Medical Experts understand that building a legal case and managing a rehabilitation programme is a team effort – so we are committed to being a trusted member of your team every step of the way.

Our mission is to ensure that solicitors and case managers have hassle-free access to medico-legal reporting, expert witness testimony and longer-term Clinical Practice, characterised by regular, open communication with our clients and credible, presentable and articulate experts.

Our Head Office team coordinate instructions, appointments, reports and communication between legal teams and experts to ensure a timely and high-quality service. We’re the experts, so when you choose us, you’re also choosing the best customer experience in the business. 

Dr Edmund Bonikowski

Founding Director

A consultant in rehabilitation medicine with over 25-years experience, Dr Bonikowski has held acute and community-based NHS posts in neurological and amputee rehabilitation. Consultant at the Somerset Neurological Rehabilitation Centre and leading the expansion of NHS neurological rehabilitation services in Somerset, he’s also been a consultant to several independent inpatient providers.

Professor Mike Barnes

Chair of Clinical Governance

Professor Mike Barnes is a highly experienced neurological rehabilitation expert – certainly one of the most experienced in the UK having provided over 3000 reports and made over 70 court appearances throughout the UK and overseas. Professor Mike Barnes, a neurologist and rehabilitation physician has been at the highest level of rehabilitation for many years.

Frances Bonikowski

Managing Director

With a background working in housing and community-based support services, Frances worked within Local Authority Housing Management before joining NRC Medical Experts in 2016.

Kate McMullen

Head Office Administration Manager

Kate McMullen’s expertise and experience in managing neurorehabilitation medico-legal cases is invaluable to NRC Medical Experts. She has extensive knowledge of the medico-legal process which allows her to advise on the selection of experts for such cases. In her role as Professor Mike Barnes’ personal assistant for nearly three decades prior to joining NRC, she gained a deep understanding of how to navigate the complexities of neurorehabilitation cases.

Michelle Kudhail

Clinical Liaison Specialist

Michelle Kudhail empowers and supports our stakeholders to navigate expert witness appointments with greater confidence.

Michelle’s background as a neurological physiotherapist and expert witness directly translates into tangible benefits for solicitors and legal teams. Her experience ensures she brings a deep understanding of complex medical issues to the legal process.

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