Complex neurological disabilities are associated with underlying chronic conditions such as multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS), Parkinson’s diseases and motor neurone disease.

Individuals living with severe and complex neurological disability can experience impairments in their physical, cognitive and emotional behaviours. Legal teams and case managers supporting clients with complex neurodisabilities should be aware of the many ways symptoms can adversely affect the quality of a person’s life, and the expertise of a medico-legal expert can bring to a case.

In these conditions, bladder and bowel control may also be affected. Sexual function and ability to move the muscles and joints can also become significantly weakened or completely lost. The changes in the structure, abnormalities in the biochemistry and make up of the nervous system caused by these conditions contribute to the complexity of the disorder.

Neurorehabilitation for complex neurological disability

The aim of rehabilitation and disability management in these conditions is to reduce the limitations in cognition and movement caused by these impairments to the smallest possible degree, educate about preventive measures to avoid complications such as infection and increase a person’s functional ability.

Neurorehabilitation is essential mitigate the impact of progressive conditions, allowing individuals to retain their independence and function for as long as possible. These neurorehabilitation approaches are also focused on a person’s independence, developing and improving standards of health and comfort their life.

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