Neurorehabilitation, or neurological rehabilitation, refers to the medical and therapeutic process of improving an individual’s overall skills, functions and wellbeing following a serious injury or neurological condition.

Following a brain or spinal injury, a neurological event such as a stroke, infection or brain tumour or as a degenerative condition like multiple sclerosis, an individual can experience enormous changes to their life – from their physical and cognitive functioning to their emotional and mental health.

This life-changing experience has significant impact both on the individual, and on their family and social circle. Every area of a person’s life can be affected, and recovery can be a long and difficult journey.

Towards a ‘new normal’ with expert, multidisciplinary support

The aim of neurological rehabilitation is to enable people to live as normal a life as possible, by increasing their independence and skills. Support to adapt to ‘a new normal’ and progress along a journey towards independence is a core aim of neurological rehabilitation.

Neurorehabilitation is about giving people support to adapt to their new body and mind, as well as improving their physical, cognitive and mental function with therapy and specialist care. Neurorehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary team approach.

Planning for an unexpected life

NRC Medical Experts believe that everyone who suffers a brain or spinal injury or neurological condition could benefit from neurorehabilitation.

Our trusted medical experts – many of them practising consultants in rehabilitation medicine and consultant therapists – have a deep understanding of the impact of the expertise they provide.

A personal approach

Neurorehabilitation is personal. The programme of support and intervention will depend not only on someone’s symptoms and functional ability, but also on their social, emotional and personal goals.

For some people, it might mean relearning the skills of walking, learning to swallow or to speak. For others, it may mean relearning how to purchase ingredients and make a meal or behave appropriately in the workplace following a change to their cognitive abilities.

The Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription

The Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription considers and addresses all aspects of the injured person’s life, including their physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social needs.

This prescription gives patients, GPs, case managers and everyone involved in an individual’s care a comprehensive overview of their immediate and longer-term neurorehabilitation requirements in one summary document, which acts as a guide to navigate the complexity of complex neurological disability.

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