NRC’s Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine are the experts you need at the centre of your client’s recovery pathway to lead and guide your client’s rehabilitation journey.

When you’ve taken on responsibility for someone with a serious neurological injury, you need the most skilled medical experts on your team

Our Consultants provide hands-on clinical leadership to case managers and multi-disciplinary teams, as well as guidance to GPs.

Having expert clinical insight from the start of the client relationship means you’ll have a greater understanding of your client’s medical, therapeutic and social needs – putting you in the best position for success and your client on the best path for recovery.

Chairing the Multidisciplinary Team, they provide expert clinical guidance, medications management and rehabilitation expertise without delay. This close clinical oversight could make the difference between prompt functional improvement and a prolonged rehabilitation journey.

This continuous joined-up therapeutic support, regular review and monitoring results in better outcomes.

A Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at the heart of this team is vital to ensuring rehabilitation is a dynamic enabling experience that leads to the best possible outcomes.

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