Our Consultants work with Case Managers and multi-disciplinary teams to achieve the best possible outcome for patients.

In residential rehabilitation services and hospital care, a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine is a crucial part of the multi-disciplinary team – and the evidence tells us this joined-up approach leads to better outcomes and better team performance.

We can now replicate this approach for patients in the community, with a Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine on your team.

Input from our Consultants is also particularly effective when a client might not meet the criteria for NHS care or when NHS resources are unavailable.

How it works

At the earliest stage of the legal process, the expert Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine will assess the patient and produce a Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription, allowing the Case Manager to carry out a more comprehensive Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) using this sound clinical base.

Following this, the Case Manager can recruit a multi-disciplinary team based on a detailed medical overview of the client’s physical, cognitive and psychosocial requirements as set out in the Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription.

Case Managers direct the therapy team to deliver treatments and ensure the rehabilitation programme is integrated with the social care, provision of aids, and other patient needs.

When it comes to goal-setting and therapeutic interventions, the Case Manager and therapy team will have access to a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine familiar with the case, providing continuity of clinical oversight and support for both the team and their client every step of the way.

A team effort

Our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine make expert clinical assessments, request investigations, make diagnoses and prescribe the medications and courses of treatment needed. Engaging throughout the entire rehabilitation journey – during review meetings and ad hoc as required, as part of the multi-disciplinary team, the Consultant and the Case Manager will ensure rehabilitation progresses towards the client’s desired outcomes.

As the person with the closest contact with the patient, the Case Manager has a key role to play in making sure that clinical changes are rapidly shared with the Consultant so any necessary adjustments to the Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription can be quickly made.

Every case is different and evolves over time, and the Consultant’s involvement will likely decrease as the individual reaches their goals and rehabilitation steps down to active, long-term maintenance or disability management. At this point, they will remain on hand to follow-up as required, managing any complications as they arise.

Have a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine on your team

To appoint a rehabilitation consultant to work as part of your team, request a call back or contact us directly.

“I work closely with the team who surround the patient, getting much more detailed information and feedback directly from the most important people. This close working in an environment where the patient is comfortable leads to quicker interventions and better outcomes.”

Dr Colin Pinder, NRC Clinical Practice

Timely Access to Expert Opinion

Better Outcomes with the Rehabilitation Prescription

Continuity of care