Once appointed, our Consultant will carry out an expert clinical assessment and develop a Specialist Rehabilitation Prescription, giving your client the best possible chance for a successful recovery.

This initial expert medical evaluation better informs the ongoing case management and multi-disciplinary team approach.

Going on to become a key member of the Multidisciplinary Team, our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine will provide ongoing clinical support and advice, giving solicitors assurance that their duty of care is being delivered and that an outcome-focused approach is developed.

The patient’s GP remains responsible for their patient in the community. This means they also play an essential role in supporting the therapeutic team to deliver treatments and ensure the rehabilitation programme is integrated with broader health and social care. The Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and the Case Manager provide specialist input that prevents GPs being burdened by clinical and functional problems outside their expertise or other relatively minor problems.

The Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine can also request investigations if necessary, make diagnoses and prescribe the medications and courses of treatment needed.

Over time, the Consultant will lead a series of regular reviews, ensuring that the individual’s recovery and rehabilitation progresses towards desired outcomes. This approach ensures continuity of care from an expert doctor throughout every stage of rehabilitation.

Post-settlement, the Consultant continues in their role, working closely with the injured person and case manager to provide the stability needed for successful rehabilitation and long-term disability management, working under the terms of the Court of Protection direction.

Getting the most out of the Clinical Practice approach

We strongly recommend the appointment of a Case Manager to handle the transition to living at home and act as the single point of contact recommended in all best practice guides, including the ABI Care Pathway.

Although in theory a GP could carry out this single point of contact role almost all have very high workloads, and in serious long-term rehabilitation cases, regular face to face and virtual appointments are required, making this impractical.

Timely Access to the Right Therapies

Better Outcomes with the Rehabilitation Prescription

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