Critical to successful recovery and rehabilitation from a serious neurological injury is early access to specialist rehabilitation carried out by a skilled multi-disciplinary team.

Specialist consultant-led, multi-disciplinary care and rehabilitation is the gold standard following a serious injury.

Our network of expert Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine ensures this high-quality clinical approach to recovery and rehabilitation – usually only available in specialist rehabilitation services – can take place for every client, whether in the community or at home.

In contrast to NHS outpatient rehabilitation which often sees patients discharged, moved around, lose momentum and in some cases, drop out of the system entirely, our approach provides joined-up service provision with recovery and enablement at its heart.

No matter where your client is located, our Consultants work with Case Managers and local therapists to bypass the challenges of local availability or NHS waiting times, putting your client’s rehabilitation needs first to ensure access to the right ongoing therapeutic support at the right time.

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Better outcomes with the Rehabilitation Prescription

How Clinical Practice Works

Neurorehabilitation turns patients into people. I feel it is important for people to be given realistic, achievable goals through the right group of clinicians at the right time – allowing people to live their lives again.

Dr Lloyd Bradley, Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine