Dr Silvia Antiga

Dr Silvia Antiga CESR, LLM, MBBS, FEBRM

Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

Clinical Experience

Dr. Silvia Antiga, based at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, has a comprehensive background in Rehabilitation Medicine. With qualifications including CESR, LLM, MBBS, and FEBRM, after graduating from the University of Bologna in Italy in 2008 she gained experience as a Consultant at institutions including Kings College Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals, the Central Rehabilitation Unit, and the Midland Centre for Spinal Injuries.

At the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability since 2018, Dr. Antiga leads the MDT in weekly case conferences and ward rounds. Her role involves managing complex discussions with patients, families, commissioners, and various MDT members. Dr Antiga also shares responsibilities with fellow consultants in providing cover for the Brain Injury Service. Her duties extend to supervising junior medical staff in collaboration with other consultant colleagues.

Dr. Antiga is also actively engaged in academic work too, handling teaching, examination, and accreditation tasks. Her commitment to professional development is evident in her contributions to Continuing Medical Education and clinical governance.

She plays a pivotal role in ensuring an efficient medical process from the point of referral to a patient’s discharge or transfer. Dr. Antiga partakes in discussions related to service plans with both internal and external agencies and is directly involved in audit preparations, guideline developments, and policy-making.

Memberships of Professional Bodies

  • General Medical Council: member number 7448339
  • Italian medical register number 04936
  • European Board for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (FEBPRM)
  • Rehabilitation Medicine UK specialist register
  • MDU Membership number 69227D

Further information

Download Dr Antiga’s CV to learn more about her research publications, qualifications and more.