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At NRC Medical Experts, we know that serious injury cases can be long and complex. Finding the right expert witness to support your case is a crucial part of building a successful case.

As part of our commitment to supporting our clients, we offer no-obligation, complimentary pre-instruction conversations with our leading experts.

Due to the complexity of neurological injury, rehabilitation and recovery, solicitors often come to us with questions about the services we can provide, and the nature of the experience required to act in specific cases.

Some complex cases may require the expertise of several experts – from a neurological rehabilitation consultant to a speech and language therapist – in order to provide the thorough exploration required by the courts.

Do you need a neuropsychologist or a neuropsychiatrist? A neurologist or a neurorehabilitation expert? Would the expertise of a speech and language specialist make a difference to your case?

Pre-instruction conversations give solicitors the opportunity to discuss clients and cases in confidence, beginning to develop a deeper understanding of the expertise required for a successful outcome.

BOOK a Pre-instruction conversation

    Frances Bonikowski, Director of Operations

    “Giving solicitors the opportunity to speak our most experienced experts prior to instruction is something we know makes a real difference when instructing an expert.

    “Choosing the right medico-legal expert is so important for the success of legal cases and discussing the complexities of the case in confidence beforehand will allow solicitors to better understand the options available to them, and allow NRC Medical Experts to gain a deeper understanding of what is required.”