NRC Medical Experts is pleased to welcome Michelle Kudhail to our team as Clinical Liaison Specialist in a new role designed to empower and support our stakeholders to navigate expert witness appointments with greater confidence.

Michelle’s background as a neurological physiotherapist and expert witness in cases involving acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, and neurological conditions directly translates into tangible benefits for solicitors and legal teams. Her hands-on experience and leadership in neurological rehabilitation services ensure she brings a deep understanding of complex medical issues to the legal process.

With Michelle’s support, solicitors and legal teams can expect:

Streamlined Expert Selection

One of the challenges in legal cases involving neurological injuries is identifying the right expert who can provide the necessary evidence and testimony to effectively support the case. Michelle’s role is designed to alleviate this challenge, guiding solicitors and legal teams through the process of selecting the most appropriate experts for their specific cases, ensuring a match that enhances the strength and credibility of the evidence presented.

Pre-Instruction Consultations

Michelle is available for pre-instruction consultations, offering an opportunity for legal teams to benefit from her insights before formally instructing an expert. This early engagement can shape the strategic direction of a case, ensuring that the approach taken is informed by a comprehensive understanding of the medical aspects involved.

Ongoing Case Support

Legal cases, especially those involving serious injuries, can evolve over time, requiring continuous expert input. Michelle’s role includes providing ongoing guidance and clinical opinions throughout the litigation process. This support ensures that solicitors and legal teams can navigate the complexities of the case with confidence, backed by expert insights that could be pivotal in achieving a successful outcome.

Enhanced Multi-Disciplinary Team Collaboration

Michelle’s extensive experience in leading multi-disciplinary teams offers an additional layer of support. Her knowledge of the available services throughout the UK, both NHS and independent, allows her to provide a comprehensive clinical perspective. This insight is invaluable in cases where understanding the full spectrum of rehabilitation services and their implications is crucial for building a strong case.

Supporting the next generation of Expert Witnesses

In addition to her support for our stakeholders, Michelle will be instrumental in supporting and mentoring new medico-legal experts who join NRC’s chambers of expert witnesses. Her experience as an Expert Witness equips her to guide new members through the complexities of their roles.

This initiative is aimed at enhancing the professional development of experts in neurorehabilitation, ensuring they are well-prepared to provide the high-quality evidence and testimony that NRC Medical Experts is known for.  Michelle’s mentorship will be a key factor in maintaining our commitment to excellence and supporting the continuous growth of our team’s capabilities.

We welcome Michelle Kudhail to NRC Medical Experts and look forward to the positive impact her involvement will have on our ability to support solicitors and legal teams in achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients.