Mental Capacity Sexual Relations & Social Media

In October 2023, NRC Medical Experts hosted an online webinar for clinical colleagues, solicitors, case managers, and associated professionals interested in understanding more about Mental Capacity in the context of Sexual Relations & Social Media.

Below, you will find links to watch and listen again, and download a transcript and slides. You can find information about further webinars in the Autumn 2023 Series here.

Mental Capacity: Sexual Relations & Social Media

Presented by Huw Ponting, partner at Foot Anstey & Enable Law and specialist in brain injuries, the webinar ‘Understanding the Challenges, Rights, and Considerations for Sexual Relations and Social Media Use’ provided legal teams, case managers, and other professionals with a captivating and enlightening overview of this complex and sensitive area of patient care.

Drawing on his experience of supporting clients throughout the medico-legal process, Huw delved into the intricacies of legal rights, ethical considerations, and practical challenges surrounding sexual relations and social media use in the context of patients with brain injuries, with examples drawn from his extensive legal practice.

The webinar was co-hosted by Dr Edmund Bonikowski, a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and Founder of NRC Medical Experts.

Designed to not only expand your understanding of the related laws and regulations, but also provide practical, actionable solutions for navigating this complex and often misunderstood domain, this webinar is open to solicitors, barristers, case managers, medico-legal experts and clinical colleagues.

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