Are you looking for an experienced neurologist who can serve as an expert witness to provide insight in cases involving head injuries, seizures, epilepsy, or its associated conditions? NRC Medical Experts is pleased to introduce Consultant Neurologist doctor Pamela Crawford MB.ChB. MD MRCP, one of the UK’s leading medical experts in epilepsy and seizure disorders.

With decades of experience working with children and adults diagnosed with this neurological disorder, Dr Crawford brings invaluable expertise and understanding to legal teams seeking a neurology expert witness.

Career history and specialist experience

A Consultant Neurologist with a special interest in epilepsy, after working as a Senior Registrar in London at St George’s Hospital,

Dr Crawford took on the responsibility of managing patients with neurological problems including traumatic brain injuries at York Hospital in 1990. Her clinical practice extended from general neurology medicine to becoming the Director of the Special Centre for Epilepsy in York and she established a research team specialising in epilepsy.

With patients from across the UK seeking her out for specialist opinions, Dr Crawford also worked alongside learning disability colleagues to establish first of its kind specialist clinics in York to better manage epilepsy and neurological disorders in people with learning disabilities. Her visionary approach was later recognised as a Gold Standard service.

Dr Crawford explains, “My experience in epilepsy through several decades in acute services, extensive medico legal work and dedication to staying abreast of the latest research and literature has allowed me to develop a broad perspective and provide reasoned opinion for legal teams and the Courts.

As an expert witness, I enjoy meeting a range of individuals and understanding the impact of their conditions. Thinking about what a patient may need in the short and long term and ensuring they don’t fall through the gaps in service provision is key for me. Providing education to patients and explaining what reports and assessments they mean in real terms to patients is a big part of my role, and I can help to assuage people’s concerns about what their diagnosis means for their future.”

A highly experienced medical expert witness

Experienced consultant neurologist Dr. Crawford has been renowned for her expertise as a medical expert witness since 1990, with five court appearances. Dr Crawford specialises in expert reports involving neurological injuries and issues, particularly complex head injuries, epilepsy, and seizure disorders.

Her reports are highly sought after, and she receives a high volume of cases – around 100 cases relating to epilepsy each year, working with both claimant and defendant solicitors (around 75%). Although she typically sees clients from the age of 14, Dr Crawford is happy to carry out an assessment and prepare reports for younger clients regarding their future prognosis for epilepsy and neurological problems. Dr. Crawford will provide expert witness reports in medical negligence claims when related to a client’s seizure disorder, medication, or head injury.

Dr Crawford continues, “Having worked in the medico legal field since 1990, I’m experienced in developing good working relationships with solicitors and responding quickly to instructions and queries. From clinical negligence claims to personal injury cases, I have worked with many solicitors over the years on an ongoing basis, regularly receiving repeat instructions.

I maintain a database of around 200 articles relating to seizure disorder research and evidence which informs my reports. I consider the risk of future consequences in epilepsy cases, such as dementia in later life and provide life expectancy estimates. Careful to word my opinions in reports carefully and clearly, I provide unambiguous testimony for solicitors and the courts.”

Understanding the insight of an epilepsy expert witness in court cases

When it comes to personal injury claims and clinical negligence cases involving epilepsy, having a neurologist expert witness expert witness can make all the difference. An epilepsy expert witness is a professional who has a deep understanding of brain injury and how neurological issues can affect an individual’s behaviour or actions. From understanding the diagnosis of epilepsy to the effects of medication and the potential triggers, an expert witness can provide valuable information that can be crucial in determining the outcome of a case.

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