This autumn, NRC Medical Experts is hosting a three-part webinar series, designed to inform and educate legal teams, case managers, and medical experts on a variety of challenging topics within the medico-legal sector.

Whether you are working within clinical negligence, personal injury or catastrophic injury, the upcoming webinars will provide an invaluable opportunity for lawyers, barristers, case managers, medico-legal experts, and clinical colleagues access to expand their knowledge and improve their practice in these critical and often misunderstood areas.

Hosted by Dr Edmund Bonikowski with special guests, registration is now open for the webinars, with each of the events providing support, guidance and discussion – essential additions to your professional development toolkit.

Medical Cannabis for Legal Teams, Clinicians & Case Managers

Medical Cannabis for legal teams & medico-legal experts

The series begins on 19 September 2023, and is led by Prof. Mike Barnes, a renowned neurologist and expert in medical cannabis. Chair of the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society and leading expert witness, Prof Barnes is ideally placed to discuss this treatment option in the context of medico-legal cases.

The session promises to equip attendees with a comprehensive overview of the history, legal status, and medical applications of medical cannabis, particularly its implications for legal cases involving brain, spinal and neurological injuries.

The webinar will give attendees a well-rounded overview to aid in navigating the complex intersections of neuroscience, medicine, and law in relation to medical cannabis use and its implications for the courts.

Following the webinars, attendees can request a copy of the presentation, webinar recordings, and an attendance certificate to add to professional CPD logs.

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Mental Capacity: Sexual Relations & Social Media

Mental Capacity Sexual Relations & Social Media

The second part of the series, on 17 October 2023, is a deep dive into mental capacity in relation to the subject of sexual relations and social media use, presented by Huw Ponting, a specialist in brain injuries at Foot Anstey & Enable Law.

Drawing on his experience of supporting clients throughout the medico-legal process, Huw will cover the intricacies of legal rights, ethical considerations, consent and practical implications surrounding sexual relations and social media use in the context of patients with brain injuries, with examples drawn from his extensive legal practice.

Co-hosted by Dr Edmund Bonikowski, founder of NRC Medical Experts, the webinar will offer an enlightening overview of legal rights, ethical considerations, and practical challenges in this sensitive area, with practical examples from Huw’s extensive legal practice.

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Understanding Functional Neurological Disorder (FND): A Guide for Legal Teams & Expert Witnesses

The final instalment of the series, on 21 November 2023, will focus on Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). It aims to provide attendees with a thorough overview of FND, its symptoms, effects, treatment paths, and its relationship with head injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The webinar will be invaluable for anyone acting as an Expert Witness or involved in the legal representation of clients affected by this complex condition.

Join Dr Edmund Bonikowski and a further speaker to be announced for this session aimed to make colleagues aware of the details and considerations surrounding FND.

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Through our regular webinars, we aim to impart important lessons and provide a platform for attendees to learn from experienced professionals, ensuring they are equipped with the vital knowledge required to navigate the complexities of neurological injuries.

Our regular webinars covering a range of topics are available to watch again online so you can learn at your own pace. Each webinar will discuss a different topic of interest to practitioners working within neurorehabilitation and medico-legal services, and provide an introduction, with tips, advice, risks and key answers to popular topics. Maximise your understanding and gain insights from a panel of expert doctors and leading solicitors.

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