Dr. Clive Bezzina is a distinguished Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, renowned for his pioneering work in the advancement of specialised neurorehabilitation and trauma services in Stoke on Trent. Dr. Bezzina’s passion for neurorehabilitation extends not only to clinical care but also to his role as a medico-legal expert. A Senior […]
New research findings offer a significant shift in our understanding of spinal cord injuries, pointing to the immune system’s response as a key player. The research shows age has a part to play in this response, with the immune system being less robust in responding to such injuries as we […]
NRC Medical Experts is proud to be attending and exhibiting at the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)’s Advanced Brain and Spinal Cord injury Conference in South Wales in May. This acclaimed event has gained a reputation as one of the leading conferences on life-altering neurological injuries and our team […]
Groundbreaking research by the .NeuroRestore centre, published in Nature, has identified the neurons responsible for paralysis recovery. Nine patients with complete or severe lower body paralysis regained or improved their ability to walk following targeted electrical stimulation of specific neurons, first identified in mice.   Experts have long used electrical stimulation […]
Over the last several years, the use of the recreational drug nitrous oxide – also known as ‘nos’, laughing gas, and balloons – has surged amongst younger people, with over half a million young people – almost 9% of 16-24-year-olds – reporting its use in the 2019/20 Crime Survey for […]
After two years away, the APIL Advanced Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Conference is finally returning for two days in May 2022.  The long-awaited event will concentrate on the latest developments in brain and spinal cord injury research. Kelly Hodgson, Business Development Manager will be joined by various NRC Medical Experts attending […]
A recent survey by the AA has shown that only one in three of their customers were aware of the coming changes to the Highway Code, which have been brought in to protect the most vulnerable road users. The survey also worryingly revealed that 4% of those questioned had “no […]
Spinal cord injuries are devastating, but new research using biomaterials could help spinal injury patients recover some of their lost motor skills and functionality. A $24 million research investment from Canada’s New Frontiers in Research Fund has given a team of researchers at The University of British Colombia the opportunity […]
All over the world, scooters that run on electricity are becoming increasingly popular. While they’re often marketed as fun and convenient ways to get around, their increased adoption is resulting in a rise in the number of injuries and deaths related to riding and falling off these scooters, especially since […]
This week marks Road Safety Week, is the UK’s biggest road safety event coordinated by road safety charity Brakeand backed by the Department of Transport. Every week at NRC Medical Experts we’re asked to assess and provide reports for individuals who have experienced life-changing injuries as a result of road […]