The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is a not-for-profit campaign group representing injured people. A new campaign – Rebuilding Shattered Lives – aims to put injured people first, and encourage people to seek help to put their lives back on track. APIL CEO, Mike Benner explains: “The myths and […]
Following a serious or catastrophic injury – such as a brain and spinal injury – an individual’s mental health, cognitive abilities, emotions and mental wellbeing can have an incredibly significant impact on their rehabilitation potential and recovery. Choosing the right kind of expert witness is a crucial step when building […]
Several recent studies have revealed the links between concussion, and increased risk of being diagnosed with ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders, dementia and Parkinson’s disease later in life. Research has also shown lasting and immediate links between concussion and sleep disorders. Concussion leading to later life diagnosis of ADHD, anxiety […]
The Sentencing Council for England and Wales has released new guidelines which apply to adults who with neurological, mental and developmental disorders. An arms-length body of the Ministry of Justice, the Sentencing Council was established to promote greater transparency and consistency in sentencing, whilst maintaining the independence of the judiciary. […]
Solicitors supporting clients with neurological conditions and brain injuries should be aware of the significant psychological stressors presented by Covid-19 over the coming months, as well as lessons from history about the long-term neurological impact of pandemics on individuals and society. Pandemics cause fear, anxiety and stress The psychological stressors […]
Neuropsychiatry is the overlap between psychiatry, neurology, and medicine, and a subspecialty of psychiatry that deals with the psychological or behavioural problems in people, caused due to neurological conditions. What does an neuropsychiatric expert witness do? Neuropsychiatry expert witnesses specialise in the branch of medicine dealing with integrated neurological and […]