The Expert Witness Institute (EWI) has launched a new competency framework for expert witnesses – a  practical self-assessment tool that sets out the attributes, knowledge, and skills required of experts. It sets out a commitment to both the profession of the Expert Witness and to continuous professional development. The core […]
As leading neurorehabilitation expert witnesses, NRC Medical Experts see first-hand the demand for independent medical expert witnesses across the UK. So why is there such a demand? Rehabilitation doctors, solicitors and case managers are faced with complex and highly specialised cases, which often require an independent medical expert to make […]
Following a serious or catastrophic injury – such as a brain and spinal injury – an individual’s mental health, cognitive abilities, emotions and mental wellbeing can have an incredibly significant impact on their rehabilitation potential and recovery. Choosing the right kind of expert witness is a crucial step when building […]
In the latest edition of New Law Journal, Mark Solon of legal training company Bond Solon shares his top tips for expert witnesses giving evidence by video link. The Covid-19 outbreak has seen the health and medico-legal sectors respond by turning to online and video working – see the recent […]
As medico-legal experts, neuro-rehab professionals can offer valuable insights to cases which shape the lives of serious injury survivors and people with neurological conditions. In a recent interview with neuro rehabilitation magazine, NR Times, NRC Chairman Dr Edmund Bonikowski provides his top tips on what can be a highly rewarding […]
At NRC Medical Experts, we know that serious injury cases can be long and complex. Finding the right expert witness to support your case is a crucial part of building a successful case. Due to the complexity of neurological injury, rehabilitation and recovery, solicitors often come to us with questions […]
As a solicitor, paralegal or case manager, you want to do everything that you can for your clients. In some cases – particularly medical disputes – this will involve bringing in an expert witness. Expert witnesses are an essential part of your approach, but there are several things to keep […]
What does an Expert Witness Do? As a neurological rehabilitation expert witness you will be called upon to provide an independent opinion on the issues related to the case to inform the court and allow them to make a decision regarding things related to your particular field of expertise. An […]