Dr. Clive Bezzina is a distinguished Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, renowned for his pioneering work in the advancement of specialised neurorehabilitation and trauma services in Stoke on Trent. Dr. Bezzina’s passion for neurorehabilitation extends not only to clinical care but also to his role as a medico-legal expert. A Senior […]
When your friend or loved one is unwell with flu or has suffered a broken bone, it’s usually easy to know exactly how you can help. Their GP can also confirm how long they should remain on bed rest or how long their injury will take to heal. However, when […]
On 8 December 2021, speakers from across the neurorehabilitation sector explored this topic in a panel discussion with attendee Q&A. The panel discussed the sector in detail, contextualising the challenges facing neurorehabilitation from the pressures caused by the acute redeployment of staff due to Covid, the carer crisis, the low […]
As leading neurorehabilitation expert witnesses, NRC Medical Experts see first-hand the demand for independent medical expert witnesses across the UK. So why is there such a demand? Rehabilitation doctors, solicitors and case managers are faced with complex and highly specialised cases, which often require an independent medical expert to make […]
Scientists in Japan have recently discovered metabolic compounds within our blood associated with the risks of developing dementia. Levels of 33 small molecules, or metabolites, differed in patients who have dementia when compared to older individuals with no existing health conditions. The findings, published by the National Academy of Sciences […]
The release of the Covid-19 vaccination has been celebrated and criticised across the world, with some noting the success rates while others state it has simply been developed too fast. While the side-effects of the vaccine continue to be monitored, the European Medicines Agency has issued an update on the […]
Many sports professionals have gone public with their struggles with neurological conditions following years of contact sports throughout recent years. Now many are donating their brains to science in a vital move to understand better neurodegenerative diseases, how they are caused and how they could be prevented.   A brave […]
As we enter World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, a new study into the condition has revealed signs behind your eyes could show whether you are at risk. While there are a number of early warning signs we are already aware of, including trouble remembering or concentrating on certain things; even decision […]
The annual BABICM Conference will take place over two-days in October, this year exploring the competence in Complex Case Management. It is also the 25th anniversary of BABICM Conferences. NRC Medical Experts will join BABICM on the 20th and 21st October, hosting a stand throughout the event, where our experts […]
Research by psychiatrists at the University of Oxford has revealed that six months after testing positive for Covid-19, one in eight people are diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric illness, adding significant weight to the emerging evidence of Covid-19’s lasting impact on the brain. When records of people who had […]