Many sports professionals have gone public with their struggles with neurological conditions following years of contact sports throughout recent years. Now many are donating their brains to science in a vital move to understand better neurodegenerative diseases, how they are caused and how they could be prevented.   A brave […]
As we enter World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, a new study into the condition has revealed signs behind your eyes could show whether you are at risk. While there are a number of early warning signs we are already aware of, including trouble remembering or concentrating on certain things; even decision […]
A recent survey of 2150 participants by UK brain injury charity Headway has revealed that 85% of brain injury survivors experience a negative impact on their lives and 65% feel that their personal relationships have been negatively affected as a result of memory problems. Understanding memory problems and how they […]
Several recent studies have revealed the links between concussion, and increased risk of being diagnosed with ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders, dementia and Parkinson’s disease later in life. Research has also shown lasting and immediate links between concussion and sleep disorders. Concussion leading to later life diagnosis of ADHD, anxiety […]
Following a 22-month study by the Glasgow Brain Injury Research Group into the incidence of dementia in former footballers, the FA is set to ban heading in children’s football in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but not, as yet, in Wales. Though still to release final guidelines, it is thought […]