A new study conducted by a team of international researchers has found women up to the age of 35 are at an increased risk of suffering ischemic stroke compared to men of the same age group. Ischemic strokes are the most common, accounting for 87% of all strokes. In over […]
The Stroke Association has warned individuals must not delay in seeking medical attention for stroke due to fears around rising COVID-19 rates.  Following a significant drop in stroke admissions during the first pandemic in 2020, concerns are now rising that a similar situation could occur throughout the newest phase of […]
Within the UK, a stroke occurs every five minutes. Unfortunately, not everyone who suffers from stroke survives; as many as 35,000 people are killed each year. A new ‘breakthrough’ scanning technique has the potential to provide stroke victims with life-saving care. Testing technique Radiologists have tested imaging techniques to determine […]
As individuals reach a certain age, more and more time is given towards leisurely activities – be it increased use of television, computers or other small activities. However, it is this increased use which is leading scientists to believe individuals are at a higher risk of stroke than those who […]
New research has suggested thousands of strokes and heart attacks could be prevented each year, if UK diners were to replace salt with a common, low-sodium substitute. A study of over 20,000 people living within rural China involved willing participants with a history of stoke; or who were over 60-years […]
A new study has suggested that stroke patients show signs of cognitive decline up to 10 years before being taken ill. Researchers say the early tell-tale signs could be used to identify patients at risk of stroke, who then may benefit from early intervention. Almost 15,000 individuals participated in a […]
Over recent years, traumatic brain injuries have increased due to sports injuries, road traffic accidents, falls in the elderly and more. Traumatic brain injuries are now affecting over 6 million people a year worldwide. Despite the rise – and cause of TBI – advances in critical care have a significant […]
A new study launched in February 2021 funded by the UK’s Stroke Association aims to understand whether COVID-19 can increase stroke risk. The study, which is being led by Dr William Whiteley of the University of Edinburgh’s Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, will use data from the British Heart Foundation […]