Acting as an expert witness for medico-legal cases is both challenging and crucial. It requires not only specialist knowledge and expertise in medical practices but also the ability to communicate effectively in legal settings. To support the continuous development of NRC Medical Experts and to provide neurorehabilitation professionals new to […]
In a time where artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries, healthcare, and particularly neurorehabilitation, stands on the brink of a revolution. It is against this backdrop that we eagerly anticipate Irwin Mitchell’s upcoming webinar with one of the leading voices in neurorehabilitation, NRC Founder Dr. Edmund Bonikowski. On Wednesday, 17 […]
On 15 September 2022, Clarion’s Costs and Litigation Funding team is hosting a Clinical Negligence and Serious Injury Masterclass. NRC Medical Expert, Dr Julian Harriss, is presenting at the event. Dr Harriss will consider family matters following traumatic brain injury, and will discuss the impairments that result from a brain […]