Researchers may have found a way to reverse memory loss in athletes who have experienced repetitive head injuries. A new study, by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center in collaboration with Trinity College, Dublin highlights the fact that memory loss attributed to head injury is not a permanent pathological event […]
Dr. Clive Bezzina is a distinguished Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine, renowned for his pioneering work in the advancement of specialised neurorehabilitation and trauma services in Stoke on Trent. Dr. Bezzina’s passion for neurorehabilitation extends not only to clinical care but also to his role as a medico-legal expert. A Senior […]
A new research platform led by the University of Cambridge, TBI-REPORTER, will bring together leading experts to enable better and more coordinated research into traumatic brain injury. It is hoped that this will result in more people receiving appropriate treatment due to better forecasting of how a particular injury is […]
A new study conducted at the University of Cambridge unveils the potentially enduring repercussions of seemingly mild concussions, underscoring the necessity for specialised medical insight for medico-legal teams. The research showed that a substantial number of individuals with mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) could experience significant changes in their brain’s […]
Children who suffer acquired brain injury (ABI) can face serious impediments to their educational development, making it difficult for them to reach their potential at school. About the Childhood Acquired Brain Injury Schools Survey A collaboration between the School of Psychology at Swansea University, Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT), United […]
NRC Medical Experts is proud to be attending and exhibiting at the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)’s Advanced Brain and Spinal Cord injury Conference in South Wales in May. This acclaimed event has gained a reputation as one of the leading conferences on life-altering neurological injuries and our team […]
Join the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation (WFNR) for their Brain Awareness Week Webinar Series, a collaboration between the WFNR, European Federation of Neurorehabilitation Societies, Academy for Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology, and Swiss Society for Neuroscience. About the webinar series This series will bring together leading experts in neurorehabilitation to discuss key topics […]
Brain Awareness Week is an annual international campaign to increase public awareness of brain research and brain-related topics. Taking place this year from 13 – 19 March, thousands of organisations, schools, universities, hospitals, and private companies across the globe will share information and take part in events to raise awareness. […]
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have successfully integrated implanted brain tissue into the brains of adult rats, giving hope to the possibility of cerebral transplants to repair damaged areas of the brain. The implanted tissue was shown to integrate with existing neurons in the rat’s brain, described as a […]
Affecting around 4000-6000 people each year in the UK, encephalitis is a rare but serious medical condition causing brain inflammation. Caused by an infection or when the immune system attacks the brain in error, it can be experienced by anyone at any age.  Over 50% of all cases do not […]