Chris Bryant, Labour MP for Rhondda has recently been successful in tabling a Private Members’ Bill on Acquired Brain Injury, with its first reading in Parliament on 16 June.

The MP, who is a long-term supporter of brain injury research, investment and support, is the chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Acquired Brain Injury and Headway Parliamentary Champion.

He is seeking to bring legislation that would require the government to consult on and publish an Acquired Brain Injury Strategy, which would include a review of concussion in all levels of sport.

Chris Bryant MP said: “We don’t have any proper protocol across all sports on concussion. We see endless reviews about whether someone should have stay on the pitch or not but it’s a mess and sports are dragging their heels. This would give a chance to get everyone round the table and share protocols for sport which could be part of a wider strategy.”

The  Acquired Brain Injury Bill would require the government to consult on, publish and review a strategy for acquired brain injuries including measures to prevent brain injuries, especially amongst the young and including concussion in sport.

The next stage for the Bill, its Second reading, is scheduled to take place on Friday 3 December 2021.