Managing the effects of a brain injury can be challenging for patients, and their families, doctors, multidisciplinary teams and in many cases, case managers and solicitors, work together to ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone. 

 That’s why NRC Medical Experts is delighted to attend the BABICM Annual Conference, which takes place on 15 June 2022 in Nottingham. This year’s theme, ‘Down But Not Out; The Fighter Still Remains’, reflects the impact of brain injuries resulting from sports. 

 Higher incidence of brain injuries

More evidence regarding the seriousness of traumatic brain injuries resulting from a lifetime playing contact sport is coming to light. It is this topic the conference will explore in 2022.

In recent years, research has demonstrated how high impact sports contribute to higher incidences of brain injuries in the UK. Some individuals may only suffer from mild physical trauma, but others are experiencing severe TBIs (traumatic brain injuries). 

Long-term impacts of sport-related concussions are now becoming more significant and common. As a result, health professionals worldwide, sporting bodies, and the general public understand that better measures need to be put in place to protect individuals. 

Looking at concussion in sport

On day one of the BABICM Annual Conference 2022, speakers will be looking at sports concussions, with speakers sharing their experiences. 

Dawn Astle, daughter of the football player Jeffrey Astle, will speak about how her father’s success in football contributed to his dementia. Jeff died in 2002, and the coroner ruled the former England striker’s death had been caused by repeated heading.

 The impact of dementia, Alzheimer’s and other neurological complications in later life have been linked back to contact sports such as football and rugby, which is why professional associations have brought an end to heading the ball or specific age groups carrying out particular movements within the sport. 

 Evidence has also begun to link young offenders and homelessness due to brain injuries in early life. 

Leading neurorehabilitation in the UK 

As official exhibitors of the 2022 BABICM Annual Conference, NRC Medical Experts are experienced neurorehabilitation consultants who provide expertise in various neurological conditions for solicitors and the Courts.  

Going beyond the standard of medico-legal basics, we aim to deliver on the promise of rehabilitation. Through NRC’s Clinical Practice, we can also bring leadership and continuity to the rehabilitation journey, improving patient outcomes. 

To learn more about our expert witnesses or our approach to neurorehabilitation, visit our stand at the BABICM Conference in Nottingham on 15 June 2022.