Dr David Abankwa

Dr David Abankwa, MB ChB, MSc, FRCP Edin, is a leading Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and experienced medical expert witness.

Based at Swansea Bay University Health Board in Neath Port Talbot Hospital, he is an invaluable consultant to those suffering from traumatic brain injuries and neuro-inflammatory conditions. As an expert witness in brain injury and spinal cord injury cases, his insight is sought after by legal professionals and courts seeking to comprehend the complex aftermath of such severe health incidents.

Leading Neurological Rehabilitation in South Wales

Dr Abankwa leads a multi-disciplinary team on the specialist Neurological Rehabilitation Unit looking after patients with conditions including traumatic brain injury, sub-arachnoid haemorrhage and neuro-inflammatory conditions. He runs outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation and Spasticity clinics and also works in the community, seeing patients who are unable to attend clinic at home and in care homes in the region.

Establishing thriving Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) service in Swansea Neurological Rehabilitation clinics in West Wales, Dr Abankwa also runs an Amputee Rehabilitation clinic based in Morriston Hospital, Swansea, which offers specialist services for individuals who have endured a major limb amputation.

Dr Abankwa has a profound enthusiasm for enhancing clinical services and broadening the availability of specialist neurorehabilitation. His initiatives have undeniably helped numerous patients regain control of their lives post severe injuries and conditions.

Championing Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Beyond his clinical role, Dr Abankwa contributes significantly to the community as the Chair and founding member of the South West Wales Brain Injury Group (SWWBIG), a not-for-profit group established to provide a forum for individuals with an interest in acquired brain injury (ABI), to educate, increase knowledge of and develop and share good practice about brain injury rehabilitation.

Of the group, Dr Abankwa said,

“Our regular conferences and activities support people who have suffered an acquired brain injury or work in the sector. Membership is open to all individuals and professionals who are connected in some way to the treatment, care of, or who are, ABI survivors in the local communities of South West Wales.”

Expert Witness Role: Bridging the Gap Between Medicine and Law

In his role as an expert witness in brain injury and spinal cord injury cases, Dr Abankwa shares his extensive knowledge and insights with legal professionals, aiding them to understand the challenging circumstances faced by patients post-injury.

As a founding member of NRC Medical Experts, Dr Abankwa provides medico-legal expertise and reports for courts in cases involving multiple sclerosis, brain inflammation, spinal cord injury, paraplegia, spinal infarction and tumours, rehabilitation following major limb amputation, management of cerebral palsy, cerebral infections including meningitis/encephalitis, prevention of pressure ulcer formation, and management of complex neurological disability.

As a medical expert, Dr Abankwa shares his expertise with solicitors and the courts because he feels his work helps them to understand the reasons why patients present in a certain way following a brain injury. He tells us,

“I help solicitors and the courts to try to identify the right resources to help the patient to get the best outcome following their injury or illness. Neurological rehabilitation is right for patients because it helps them to get the best possible outcomes following an injury or illness. In some cases, it helps them to minimise the deficit that occurs after the injury, and in others, it helps them to be able to function at their best despite quite significant neurological deficits.

My reports offer solicitors an independent opinion about the issues relevant to the case. In some cases, the solicitor may consider an issue to be most relevant, but after reading my report and discussing the case with me, they may then choose to focus on different aspects of the case.”

Dr Abankwa’s dual role as a medical expert and a rehabilitation consultant allows him to provide comprehensive insights and advice, not only to his patients but also to the legal teams representing them.

The Importance of Well-Funded Rehabilitation

Dr Abankwa’s work helps to highlight the crucial importance of well-funded rehabilitation packages in achieving the best possible outcomes for patients following a brain or spinal cord injury. His expert knowledge guides solicitors to prioritise the rehabilitation needs of claimants, thereby ensuring their clients receive the best possible care and support.

“In my work as the Rehabilitation Consultant working in the NHS, I tend to focus a lot on patients at the acute end of their rehabilitation journey. However, patients that have left an impression on me are those that I’ve had the privilege of working with on a long-term basis.

Those patients who secure a well-funded rehabilitation package – either through litigation or other means – tend to see better outcomes in the long run. This highlights to me the importance of using my expert knowledge to guide solicitors to prioritise the rehabilitation needs of claimants above other considerations.”

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