Dr Lloyd Bradley BSc MBBS FRCP PhD, is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at Western Sussex Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust. An honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Kings College London, Dr Bradley specialises in rehabilitation medicine, lifelong neurological disorders, progressive multiple sclerosis and spasticity management.

Dr Bradley is the clinical lead for Donald Wilson House in Chichester, a 12-bed specialist rehabilitation unit. He oversees a day patient rehabilitation service and holds regular outpatient clinics for generalised neurological rehabilitation (progressive and acquired neurological disease) and specialised transitional and spasticity clinics.

Dedicated to improving services and support for patients requiring neurorehabilitation, Dr Bradley also initiated a joint transitional clinic with paediatricians in the South East of England, allowing the needs of young adults with complex neurological disability to be appropriately met.

Over four years working with NRC Medical Experts, Dr Bradley has provided expert witness reports and testimonial for specialist areas including brain and spinal injury rehabilitation, cerebral palsy, stroke rehabilitation and complex neurological disability.

Dr Bradley is motivated to share his expertise with the courts by seeing the enormous impact good neurological rehabilitation can have on people’s lives. He tells us, “Neurorehabilitation turns patients into people. I feel it is important for people to be given realistic achievable goals through the right group of clinicians at the right time – allowing people to live their lives again. There is not a one-size-fits-all model for neurological rehabilitation – an individual assessment and plan needs to be created, mindful of the needs of the individual and what they want to achieve.”

When it comes to sharing reports with the court, Dr Bradley prides himself on an impartial and detailed approach, telling us, “I offer a timely, holistic and realistic overview which is evidence-based and person-focused. I suggest clinically appropriate interventions to try and maintain people’s quality of life while avoiding inappropriate or unnecessary assessments and therapies.”

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