Dr Simon Shaw

Dr Simon Shaw MA (Hons), FRCP Edin, FEBPRM, MRCPCH, MLCOM is a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust.

Qualified from both Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Dr Shaw is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh) and a member of the Royal College of Paediatric and Child Health. He is also a registered Osteopathic Physician. Dr Shaw’s clinical interest areas include neurorehabilitation in children and adults, neuro-disability of all causes, and physical medicine (amputee and prosthetics, complex orthotics, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation).

Part of NRC Medical Experts, Dr Shaw provides courts with experts specialising in rehabilitation. When it comes to neurorehabilitation following a serious or catastrophic injury, the evidence tells us that neurorehabilitation improves people’s recovery time, functional outcomes and ultimately, their quality of life. For Dr Shaw, a multidisciplinary approach to recovery is vital;

“One of the key aspects of neurorehabilitation is the multidisciplinary approach. Working towards the patient’s goals and having access to enough therapy and support to make a difference. It’s therefore important that within the NHS and the community that the rehabilitation service is well resourced.”

Dr Shaw believes that sharing expertise with solicitors and the courts ensures that the wider issues of legal cases are considered. He explains;

“Rehabilitation Medicine looks at specific impairments, prognosis, injuries and illness but, by its very nature, also considers the wider functioning and impact on the patient’s participation and quality of life. By providing and detailing this wider perspective, the courts can understand the true and realistic challenges facing the client and the difficulties they must overcome to gain either their independence or live a greater quality of life. Recently, a Barrister commented that my report was both clear and well written, and ultimately made the job of the court easy in deciding the case.”

Dr Shaw also finds that his reports help patients and his own clinical practice;

“Having this detailed information about themselves often helps patients – their level of understanding of their own situation improves, and they begin to feel more empowered as each issue is addressed. In turn, for me, the learning that comes out of my medico-legal also makes me a better clinician, which benefits all patients I treat.”

Neurorehabilitation is an area of medicine where patients can make significant improvements. Dr Shaw shares;

“Working as a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine is a great privilege. Often, early on, we address many of the medical aspects of a patient’s illness or injury. But what I call a success goes much further than this.

When a patient regains their confidence and meaning and joy in life, I know that the team and I have done their job well. Sometimes, the setbacks and difficulties a patient can experience on their recovery journey are the very building blocks that allow them to come back stronger, find their resilience and live independently.

Without this rehabilitation input, patients may not achieve the same recovery. This, for me, is the greatest reward to witness. It’s why many of us decided to work in medicine in the first place.”

Based in London, Dr Shaw provides medico-legal expert witness reporting and testimony through NRC Medical Experts.

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