Doctor learning in lecture theatre

The Expert Witness Institute (EWI) has launched a new competency framework for expert witnesses – a  practical self-assessment tool that sets out the attributes, knowledge, and skills required of experts.

It sets out a commitment to both the profession of the Expert Witness and to continuous professional development.

The core competencies are:

  • Giving effective oral evidence in a tribunal or court
  • Understanding the law, regulations, and guidance governing expert evidence
  • Creating good quality court submissions
  • Delivering compliant, impartial, well-constructed, comprehensible Expert Witness Reports
  • Participating constructively in discussions of experts

How to become a medical expert witness

Neurorehabilitation is a small profession with few opportunities for ongoing professional development, which makes continuing education challenging.  In line with the core competencies as set out by the Expert Witness Institute, NRC Medical Experts supports members’ ongoing professional development by providing access to at least two new CPD-accredited sessions per year.

At NRC Medical Experts, we invite applications from experienced medical experts working in neurorehabilitation – from consultants in neurorehabilitation medicine to specialist therapists.

In non-pandemic times, our annual meetings provide an excellent opportunity for networking among your peers. Every new consultant receives a mentor who will help guide them through the unique demands of either our expert witness role or clinical practice and be available to give second opinions as needed.

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