What you Need to Know About Being an Expert Medical Witness

What does an Expert Witness Do?

As a neurological rehabilitation expert witness you will be called upon to provide an independent opinion on the issues related to the case to inform the court and allow them to make a decision regarding things related to your particular field of expertise. An expert assesses the facts, compiles them into an expert witness report, and formulates an opinion based on the questions asked to them based on their own qualifications and experience.

If you are interested in becoming a neurology expert witness, or an expert witness of any kind, then you need to have at least ten years experience in your field and have maintained a good enough reputation that you are considered to be an “expert”. You need to have all the relevant knowledge and skills, understand the latest protocols and guidance, and be able to perform the procedures required to be a witness; such as putting together a medico legal report.

At NRC Medical Experts, we’re dedicated to mentoring and supporting the next generation of expert witnesses within neurological rehabilitation.

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What Makes a Good Expert Witness?

An expert witness must be honest, impartial, objective, and trustworthy. The official guidance from the GMC says that “you must not allow your views about any individual’s age, colour, culture, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender, lifestyle, marital or personal status, race, religion or beliefs, sex, sexual orientation or social or economic status to prejudice the evidence or advice that you give.” You must be completely impartial and focus on the facts with your expert witness report.

An important part of being an expert witness is to maintain a healthy attitude and be professional, especially when being cross-examined. You should be aware of how confused, angry, or upset the patient and their family might be. All NRC Medical Experts treat patients and families with the highest levels of respect and dignity, acting sensitively and appropriately at all times.

Views and opinions from experts may be challenged in court. NRC Medical Experts have the confidence to respond and defend their opinions. As a witness, you could be confronted with new arguments and you’ll have to respond appropriately to the best of your knowledge.

When giving your opinion to court as a brain injury expert witness or neurological rehabilitation expert witness you should be sure to only offer your opinions on things that you have knowledge and experience in. If you were an expert on paediatric medicine, for example, then avoid giving opinions on adult medicine if you don’t have experience with it.

Become an Expert Medical Witness

NRC Medical Experts believe that everyone who suffers a brain or spinal injury or neurological condition should benefit from expert neurorehabilitation. Our mission is to ensure that solicitors have hassle-free access to medico-legal reporting and expert witness testimony, as soon as possible, so the fight for the right rehabilitation pathway can begin.

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