Recovery of brain damaged patients at risk from delays and lack of resources

Research carried out by Calvert Reconnections and Exchange Chambers reveals delays and lack of resources in the brain injury rehabilitation sector, according to senior brain injury solicitors.

Brain injury partners at law firms across the UK were surveyed, with 88% of respondents saying that solicitors for the defence did not respond to requests for clients to access brain injury rehabilitation services within 21 days. Delays and early resistance continue to be an issue, but solicitors believe greater cooperation by insurers has been the greatest advance over the past three years.

For serious injury solicitors, expert witness reports and testimony has a crucial role in setting out the right neurorehabilitation requirements for clients who have experienced a brain or spinal injury. When asked about their experiences over the last 12 months, 88% of claimant solicitors said defence solicitors have failed to respond to their request for rehabilitation within 21 days, while 68% cited a refusal to accept the recommendations of the Initial Needs Assessment.

At NRC Medical Experts, our mission is to ensure that solicitors have hassle-free access to medico-legal reporting and expert witness testimony, as soon as possible, so the fight for the right rehabilitation pathway can begin. Our expert witnesses want the best for patients and provide a straightforward and effective service for solicitors as they build their case.

Bill Braithwaite QC, Head of Exchange Chambers, said, “Delay to rehabilitation is hugely damaging to anyone who has suffered a brain injury. Sensible dialogue on both sides would improve the problem as rehabilitation will only work at its best if both sides enter into it voluntarily.”

Every brain injury is unique and so neurorehabilitation plans should be tailored to the individual and their needs. Recovery can be a long process as the brain begins to recover lost function and develop new neural pathways. Solicitors should choose a medical expert skilled in assessing individuals living with the impact of brain injury.

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