Join the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation (WFNR) for their Brain Awareness Week Webinar Series, a collaboration between the WFNR, European Federation of Neurorehabilitation Societies, Academy for Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology, and Swiss Society for Neuroscience.

About the webinar series

This series will bring together leading experts in neurorehabilitation to discuss key topics related to brain injury recovery. Hear from Professors Volker Hömberg, Dafin Muresanu, Iris Brunner, Stephanie Clarke and more on a variety of subjects.

Topics include neurorehabilition in optimising brain injury recovery, pharmacological options, technology in post-stroke rehabilitation, strategies in lower and middle-income countries, as well as cognitive and language disorder treatments. You can also participate in a roundtable discussion with leading professionals.


Register via the WFNR on Zoom

Topics by day

Monday, 13 March, 1-3pm GMT
Brains sometimes need repair strategies for neurorehabilitation

Tuesday, 14 March 1-2.30 pm GMT
Pharmacological options (Volker Hömberg and Dafin Muresanu)

Wednesday, 15 March 1-2.30 pm GMT
Rehabilitation after stroke – how technology blends in (Caterina Pistarini and Nam Jong Paik)

Thursday, 16 March 1-2.30 pm GMT
Strategies in low/middle income countries (Mayowa Owolabi and Nirmal Surya)

Friday, 17 March 1-2.30 pm GMT
Rehabilitation in cognitive and language disorders (Stephanie Clarke and Apoorva Pauranik)

Saturday, 18 March 1-2.30 pm
How to marshal treatments (Matilde Leonardi and Iris Brunner)

Sunday, 19 March 1-2.30 pm
Where are we and where to go (Volker Hömberg and Dafin Muresanu)