All over the world, scooters that run on electricity are becoming increasingly popular.

While they’re often marketed as fun and convenient ways to get around, their increased adoption is resulting in a rise in the number of injuries and deaths related to riding and falling off these scooters, especially since many riders travel on them using public roads.

Recently, the case of a man in his fifties who was put in an induced coma after being clipped by the wing mirror of a London bus will become a test case for e-scooters, which are illegal on public roads.

E-scooters – and related injuries – on the rise in the UK

In the UK, E-scooters can only be driven on private land unless they are rented from Government-backed trial schemes. With around 750,000 e-scooters used in the UK, accidents and deaths are sadly increasing.

There were 91 serious injuries and nine fatalities involving e-scooters in 2021. In the UK, 460 incidents were reported in 2020. London police now report around one collision, which includes an e-scooter per day, compared to just nine incidents in the whole of 2018.

This year, a 75-year old man died of a brain bleed after colliding with a parked car in the North East and a teenager in the South East who died following a severe brain injury after being hit by an oncoming car. Last year in the Midlands, a young girl suffered a mild traumatic brain injury when her electric scooter collided with a parked car. As a result, she suffered mood changes, an inability to concentrate and fatigue.

The importance of this test case

The individual at the heart of this test case, represented by Bolt Burdon Kemp, was placed into an induced coma due to his injuries. He suffered multiple fractured ribs, a dislocated right shoulder, and a collapsed lung and developed pneumonia. He now lives with has chest pain and limited arm movements.

Associate Solicitor Ben Pepper, representing, said,

“This claim is significant as it crystallises a growing problem: e-scooters are on our roads with a lack of adequate laws to keep people safe.

We hope this case will help to give some clarity to the legal position for those injured in e-scooter accidents where the privately owned e-scooter was being ridden on a public road.

But really we urgently need new legislation and we’re calling on the government to implement laws to make e-scooters safer for riders and other road users and to enable injured people to access compensation.”


Find the right expert witness for e-scooter injury claims

Common injuries caused by E-scooter accidents include head and brain injuries, musculoskeletal injuries such as breaks and fractures, sprains and lacerations. Though some people wear helmets, e-scooters do not provide the rider with protection from the force of any impact.

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