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NRC Medical Experts has teamed up with NR Times to host the third in our joint series of webinars. Dr Edmund Bonikowski will chair a roundtable discussion with an interactive Q&A, of interest to solicitors, case managers & sector colleagues.

Already confirmed to join the webinar are Dr Julian Harriss, a highly experienced Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine and Ben Townsend, Partner at Stewarts Law.

Understanding the role of the Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine

Though the UK is well-served by internationally respected NHS neurologists and neurosurgeons, whose diagnostic and technical skills have saved countless lives, longer-term rehabilitation, overseen by a Consultant specialising in neurorehabilitation is often under-resourced.

Recovery following a brain or spinal injury, or other neurological disability or condition, can be long, slow and hard-won. All the evidence demonstrates that patients benefit from a multidisciplinary team approach to rehabilitation, and whilst there is good understanding in the sector about the role of team members including therapists and nursing, the role of the Consultant is a fascinating area the speakers will explore in detail during the webinar.

Meet your speakers

Dr Edmund Bonikowski, Panel Chair & Founder NRC Medical Experts

Dr Bonikowski, a consultant in rehabilitation medicine with over 25 years experience, has held acute and community-based NHS posts in neurological and amputee rehabilitation. Currently, he is the consultant at the Somerset Neurological Rehabilitation Centre and is leading the expansion of NHS neurological rehabilitation services in Somerset. Dr Bonikowski has been a consultant to several independent inpatient providers including The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability.

He founded and led the independent rehabilitation and case management provider, Kynixa, between 2001 and 2010 which delivered comprehensive clinical and vocational rehabilitation programmes to approximately 1200 people severely injured in accidents. In April 2014, Dr Bonikowski began accepting medico-legal referrals and now completes around 30 reports each year for people with brain, spinal cord and brachial plexus injuries arising from accidents and clinical negligence.

Dr Julian Harriss, Director, Independent Rehabilitation Medicine Assessments & NRC Medical Expert

Dr Harriss, FRCPS(Can), FRCP(London) is a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor, who has worked in the UK and in Canada during his career.  A leading medical expert with over twenty years’ experience, Dr Harriss has been a much-valued member of the NRC team for over four years.

Dr Harriss’s clinical interests were developed over two decades of international experience of adult and paediatric rehabilitation.

Ben Townsend, Partner at Stewarts Law

Ben is an experienced personal injury solicitor, specialising in high-value personal injury claims, particularly brain and spinal cord injuries, including claims with an international element. He has experience of equestrian cases, as well as burn and amputation injuries.

Partner at Stewarts Law, Ben was named ‘Partner of the Year’ at the Yorkshire Legal Awards 2021, at which it was said he “creates a progressive atmosphere for others to thrive in”.

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Attendees will also hear from a legal expert during the webinar.

NR Times and NRC Medical Experts Webinar Series

This webinar is the third in a series of of discussions with NR Times and NR Medical Experts.

You can watch the previous webinars again:

NRC Medical Experts provide an extensive range of medico-legal reports, services and testimony for claimant and defendant solicitors, barristers and legal teams. Through NRC Clinical Practice, Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine oversee an individual’s rehabilitation and recovery journey, ensuring the better outcomes, joined up care and therapeutic intervention with better oversight for legal teams.