After two years away, the APIL Advanced Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Conference is finally returning for two days in May 2022.

 The long-awaited event will concentrate on the latest developments in brain and spinal cord injury research. Kelly Hodgson, Business Development Manager will be joined by various NRC Medical Experts attending and exhibiting at the event in Newport, South Wales.  Designed for solicitors, medical consultants, expert witnesses, and leading practitioners, the APIL Advanced Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Conference 2022 will provide valuable specialist insight into catastrophic injury cases and how best to support clients.

Supporting serious injury solicitors

 As leading medical experts, NRC Medical Experts provide solicitors, legal teams, and the Courts with impartial expert witness reports across a range of neurorehabilitation specialties. In addition, our Specialists provide expert clinical oversight into catastrophic injury rehabilitation through NRC Clinical Practice.

Following a serious injury, clients and their families come to expert solicitors in their search for just compensation and hope for the future. NRC Clinical Practice gives solicitors the confidence to know they are accessing the best quality, expert-led rehabilitation for their clients and fulfilling their duty under the Rehabilitation Code. Working with our Consultants in Rehabilitation Medicine before clients are discharged from hospital or leave residential rehabilitation, solicitors can avoid delays in service provision often experienced as patients transition during this critical recovery period.

We understand the complex issues which arise in serious neurological injury cases and how best to address the patient’s unique needs. Our Specialist Rehabilitation Prescriptions provide a roadmap for the therapeutic and medical input and resources needed in each individual case.

Be guided by the experts

Recovery and rehabilitation must be led by an interdisciplinary team of experts – such as those from NRC Medical Experts. The aim of rehabilitation for brain and spinal cord injuries is to increase an individual’s levels of independence, relearning, and reacquiring of skills to compensate for the change in their functional ability. 

To find out more about our expert witnesses and our approach to neurorehabilitation through Clinical Practice, get in touch today or visit our stand at the APIL Conference in Newport on 18 – 20th May 2022 to learn more.